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This game definitely took my brain for a ride! I've got to be honest, I solved some of the puzzles without realising I'd even done it! But that doesn't diminish the overall experience for sure.

I didn't know what kind of game I was diving into at first, but as soon as everything started coming together I felt like I'd become part of the game, and every time I made it beyond a tough screen I felt accomplished. The final maze with the spider was definitely a change of pace but once I got the hang of his moves I don't think it was too bad!

There were lots of things that raised questions for me... like pretty much the whole concept! Where were we? Why did this happen? How did we get out and why did we loop back round again? My poor brain will probably never nail down an answer, but I urge you to keep making games like this because I had a blast!

Thank you for the fun, and keep up the awesome work! =)


Thanks for the kind words, I'll definitely continue development on it! Glad you had fun solving the puzzles and beating the game. Hopefully I'll be able to elaborate more on all the concepts and ideas for the game that I wasn't able to fully realize for the game jam. Really glad it piqued your interest though, glad to hear :)