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I adore the aesthetic of the game (I'd definitely make the player and it's projectiles more pixelated though) however the game is really rough around the edges. For one I'd probably make it more clear that getting rid of your bullets makes you take less damage. Speaking of damage, the health bar is way too big. Lastly it be nice if you could actually attack, that would leave the player with a lot of moments where they have to. quickly dispose of their bullets on the enemies so they can rest a little.

Ha thank you! ;D In unity i had it in 128x224 which was probably what gave the player and enemies a pixelated effect, but when i put it over here i had to scale it up alot because 128x224 turned out to be very small in the browser :P In the future ill actually make the player and enemies into painted sprites, at the moment they're just 3d objects from a 2d view. Ill definetly add in a tutorial section in the future so you understand the mechanics. As mentioned alot previously im aware the health bar is too big this was a mistake i made last minute, also  i know you cant kill the enemies that was also something id didnt have time to implement last minute :D

Thanks again for checking out my game (or well its actually more of a demo i guess) and giving me some feedback. :)

Looks like you made a game for the jam too ill make sure to check it out!