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It is a good start, and there are a few things I'd like to add to the comments below. First, to make things more consistent, player has to gain damage from the enemy bodies as well (in this game pink could mean friendly, blue - unfriendly). Next, I think the background is moving too fast, as it is behind and farther away from the camera, it has to move much slower (in contrast to enemy ships). Also, the white dot in the center of the player makes it less obvious it is a buffer sign, so you may want to find a workaround. I'd enjoy playing more of this game in the future!

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Hi thank you for the feedback I'm really grateful for it! I really like the idea of clearly defining whats evil and friendly with colors as you said. Also i agree the enemies themselves should definitely hurt the player, not only the bullets. I actually never thought about the background scroll that much so thank you for bringing this to my attention :D Im not really sure how to work around the dot in the middle i mean you need to see where you are at after firing all the bullets so if you might have any ideas on that that would be great :P

Finally I'm really thankful for you playing trough the game and leaving feedback, especially when its not the same feedback thats allready been said! :)

I tried your game too, really cool and very hard :D