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That's fair! Admittedly my hands were a little tied with the backgrounds since I had to find CC free use stock photos and edit them. You would not believe how few photos there are for dirty laundry rooms xD. Due to the nature of jams and sacrifices we have to make, I did not spend a lot of time on the backgrounds and it shows in some cases.  Thank you for pointing it out- I'll keep a closer eye on that kind of thing in the future.

I did not want to focus on gender exploration for this project but I still wanted to reflect some gender diversity in my characters, with a heavier focus on female characters. Big woman/Alma is  a woman, and the second character is nonbinary. That said, it probably would have been more appropriate for Ivy to have asked about pronouns very briefly instead of being psychic about genders, and that would help us all develop good habits :) Although in the case of Whisp, who doesn't talk until the end of your encounter with them, they wouldn't have shared that kind of information anyway!

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing!