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The design and aesthetics of this game are on point! It's a very difficult game and the death can get a little annoying... as others have pointed out. I don't mind dying so often in a game like this (it feels.... intentional?) but I'd like to move on a little quicker. I also think that overlaying a texture over your graphics (like paper or rusty metal), or something would be very simple to do, and add even more charm. Overall, I'm really impressed with the polish on this game!

This game is adorable! It's a small but simple concept, and really well published. I think the grading could have been in red or something to make it pop out more, so people noticed the score. Overall, this just made me really happy <3

Mmmm, I'm gonna have to agree with the other comments about nerfing the second level. I think there's something to be said about introducing concepts slowly so the player can learn mechanics better, especially in puzzle games. I think focusing on teaching the player the enemy movement mechanics would've been a big boon, or giving us simpler enemies while the player learns how their own troops move. And then later, you could introduce more complicated enemies. I was caught off guard by their attacks and movement, because I spent the majority of the first levels trying to figure out how my troops moved. It's really difficult for me to just read something and intuitively understand how it works in action (although different people learn differently, so it's still good to have the written information available.) I really love turn-based strategy games though, so it was really neat to see one in the jam! And I can tell you put a lot of thought into this. Thank you for sharing!!!

I didn't have a friend with me, so I ended up trying to control both sides myself, haha! I think some fine-tuning on speed would really improve this game. Player Red won.  I didn't know who player Red was until this announcement! They both look the same to me. I don't know if you intended to give them different colors or something, but that would have helped. Uh, I also had a weird bug where the ball just hovered in the middle of the screen and floated from left to right between the two characters until I hit it at a weird angle with an arm. I think this game is neat, and I think it'd benefit a lot from just a little more polish and playtesting.

The aesthetic is cool, and some of the visual effects really add a lot to it. I think some animation stuff (the character leaning into turns, ect) would have contributed very positively to game feel, but I understand time contraints :P I did notice a couple bugs (like sometimes hitting a sharp turn wrong flipped my character completely backwards, which really sucked!) To be fair, that may have been an intentional mechanic, but it didn't feel that way. The music was awesome. I think this is definitely an aesthetic and game that could be expanded on very well. 

What an interesting game! It's really tricky, but that makes it oh so satisfying once you finally do get to the door :P The music was a great touch too! Thanks for making and sharing this!

This concept was so cool, and the execution was neat too. Was this really your first game? That's amazing!!! I loved the messages and the way they guided you, and (spoilers?) I'm always a fan of going a little meta and having to break the "rules" and "boundaries" of a game to succeed, heh. Awesome job.

Really great game! It was easy for me to relate to, and I loved how speaking with Dr. Fox introduced a whole new mechanic (one that really reflect how therapy gives us tools!) I played through several week loops :) I noticed some coding bugs when you begin a couple of the days, where the line says this "Today was okay. At least things aren't getting worse," and the flag says that your if statement doesn't have a hook (if I remember correctly.) That said, it didn't seem to be a bug that made the game unplayable for me and I didn't see anything else.

This concept is really cool and I really enjoyed it (I'm a meta game fan, though, haha.) The art style is really nice too, and this is a really cool use of the theme cycle. I could not tell if the typos were intentional or not, but they didn't bother me much. I really enjoyed all of the really individual and unique personalities of all of the characters :)

yeah, something like that could work as well! 

Thank you so so much and thank you for the lovely comment too!! ❤️

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Had it been within scope, I would've loved to add more dialogue and romance paths, and more decisions with consequences, but alas. I'm very proud of what my team did accomplish given the short time frame :) 

Really fun game concept and really great execution. The music and graphics are all really nice. It is a very hard game, and I think a little bit of forgiveness for the players in the form of life or a health bar would help.

More story and bosses in the game sound really really awesome! Looking forward to it! And I hope you enjoy my game when you get the chance to play it :)

I really like the aesthetic of this game and the concept and story you put around it really add a lot. I think the concept of the mechanics is really good, but I agree with some of the other comments about them not being communicated very well. It sounds like you're pretty aware of the rest of the issues and I'm interested to see a build of this where they are resolved :)

Thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed our game and that the connection to the theme came across so clearly.  And I'm still kinda in awe of the amount of content our musician produced in such a short period (he even made a couple other tracks for other games and finished with our game a day or two early!!!!!)

That's fair! Admittedly my hands were a little tied with the backgrounds since I had to find CC free use stock photos and edit them. You would not believe how few photos there are for dirty laundry rooms xD. Due to the nature of jams and sacrifices we have to make, I did not spend a lot of time on the backgrounds and it shows in some cases.  Thank you for pointing it out- I'll keep a closer eye on that kind of thing in the future.

I did not want to focus on gender exploration for this project but I still wanted to reflect some gender diversity in my characters, with a heavier focus on female characters. Big woman/Alma is  a woman, and the second character is nonbinary. That said, it probably would have been more appropriate for Ivy to have asked about pronouns very briefly instead of being psychic about genders, and that would help us all develop good habits :) Although in the case of Whisp, who doesn't talk until the end of your encounter with them, they wouldn't have shared that kind of information anyway!

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing!

I really like the idea of this game! I think some of the movement/speed could be adjusted for a better game feel. The parallax background looks really really nice!!

This is a really really cool idea. I think the controls could have been clearer (and I would have liked to known about the restart function in the second level!) I also think the difficulty curve was a bit off for me, and mechanics could have been introduced a little more gracefully.  Also, some of the boxes/the player character clipped through boundaries a few times and got stuck! =x= But the aesthetic is nice and the controls worked really nicely for me.

Haha, thanks! I'm glad it impressed you and I appreciate the compliments! And thank you so much for the video!

Really cool design and really thought-provoking concept and message. Thanks so much for making this game and sharing it with us! :D

OH haha. I can see where you made the mistake. nope, i named it rings for a few other reasons, but i'd totally play your version LMAO

This was super fun and really cute =v= Thank you so much for sharing it!

YES <3 <3 <3

The aesthetics of this game are really nice :D

This is a really great little game! I had a lot of fun playing it. Really neat take on snake, too!

Really interesting concept! I enjoyed the multiple stages of the game. Thanks for sharing it with us!

This is very entertaining! :D I like that you added a little bit of story and context for the game.

I feel like this could get really fun and complicated as more enemies and more bullets show up.

Watching this get played was like watching choreography. Loved that the mechanics and gameplay explained itself.

Really interesting mechanics. They seem like they have a bit more of a learning curve than some of the other games, which isn't a bad thing. I loved the tongue-in-cheek approach to the theme.

This game was super funny and super cute! I loved the dialogue, and all of the bully designs were great.

This was super fun and really cute!! Our reactions when we found out you could behead penguins was priceless.