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Foxy is indeed the big problem. Honestly, it feels like we need luck to do this. I tried doing it a night without using the cameras. Simply with my ears. Foxy came out just as fast as if I had watched her on the cameras.

I theorize that maybe one really needs luck to beat her. Lord knows, it is hard to get past 4 AM, before the energy runs out.


Does Foxy come with a delay? Because in the original game there's a 20 seconds delay if you find her cove empty. I also find Bonnie the most unfair one because you can't tell whether she left or still behind the door, as there's no sign of her presence when the door's closed (no shadow on the wall if lights on). But the dude above was right about following the original 4/20 strategy. Maybe there'll be fixes in next update?

Yes finally!! Finally, well commenting on what i did to pass, i kept putting my cameras up and down, and looking at foxy so i could know if she's ready do attcak, in and around 4 AM i kept looking at freddy to try not to let him in the door of the left, doing this I also prevent foxy to come out but I can't say if she's ready to attack or not.  At first I thought that spaming my camrea up and down wasn't helping, but with some tests it seemed like the right way. If foxy comes to your door, wait around 30 seconds, after that look at the cameras again to lock her. What I tried to improve is the timing of closing the doors for bunny and chica, if you hear them coming wait a bit after the footsteps stop and then close the door, it seems that doing this you need to have less time with the door closed, but you need to do this at the right time, it helped me a lot with the energy.

Now I just don't know what to do to get 100%

the last thing you need to do to get 100% is to get the golden freddy scene, which you can get by putting '6969' in night seven. i think anyway

you can actuly see bonny when she left or not, it has a shadow on the wall if she's there, and if she left there is no shadow, i recommend put your brightness high to see. Use the alien drawn on the wall for better reference if she is there or not.

Now I see it. I also came to conclusion that it doesn't worth to check Freddy at all because she moves 5 times with 85-90 seconds delay starting from Night 3 up to 6th. So Foxy is the only problem but she also has a 14-15 seconds delay if you find Booty cove empty. You can also quick react to her footsteps and close the door right at the moment of her running, not checking additional camera.