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So, there are now in total 5 tapes?

p.s. enemies dropping from above and those which you can't see down the stairs scare the shit out of me, awesome experience 

Now I see it. I also came to conclusion that it doesn't worth to check Freddy at all because she moves 5 times with 85-90 seconds delay starting from Night 3 up to 6th. So Foxy is the only problem but she also has a 14-15 seconds delay if you find Booty cove empty. You can also quick react to her footsteps and close the door right at the moment of her running, not checking additional camera.

Does Foxy come with a delay? Because in the original game there's a 20 seconds delay if you find her cove empty. I also find Bonnie the most unfair one because you can't tell whether she left or still behind the door, as there's no sign of her presence when the door's closed (no shadow on the wall if lights on). But the dude above was right about following the original 4/20 strategy. Maybe there'll be fixes in next update?

No way, we've finally waited for it

Upgrading "Incubus blood" and proceeding to upgrade any other stat still upgrades these stats simultaneously, thus spends twice as much money

Nice game, don't think it's a bug but a hidden feature that clicking 1st "Coming soon" button keeps giving you exp, but I mentioned this anyway

Couple of bugs I found:

1) If you click too many times when about to parry and don't choose any parry option, all buttons disappear then. You can still click on the heroines and "freeze" the time but the battle gets stuck at that point.

2) If you first upgrade "Incubus blood" at least one time and then start upgrading "Attack", the game upgrades both stats for the price of Attack (it was 200 for me instead of 250 for Blood). 

That's pretty much everything, my overall opinion about the game is good, keep on developing 

I happened to find that one missing card, dunno where exactly but I did, skipping the one in the dorm, and stuck once again because couldn't open the chamber cuz of that dorm card.

A coupla bugs I found: panties get destroyed if unequipped/switched to another pair of them. Lickers notice you through walls and don't stop chasing you, even if you're not in their sight anymore, even if you move to the furthest side of the first area. Heroine keeps clipping through unfully opened doors in Dorm in the Wolf area (it's WIP, I know). Also, the last room which is opened by a card to get another card seems to be broken, cuz I cannot pick the card up. Some keys disappear from your inventory if you savequit the game, not lethal but a bit annoying to run around in order find them all again. That were all the bugs I could find, hope it'll be helpful

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Let's gooo babyyy,  new build is here as al-a-ways, nice

Nice game, gameplay is simple yet entertaining. Any hints when the next update will be or the game is completed?

I do enjoy playing it in Flash but imagine if dev put in a lot of effort and move the project to Unity, switch from 2D drawing to 3D models. It'll take a lot of time... but still... I'm not suggesting, just wondering

So, area with radioactive lakes and Sewers area consumes a lot of memory, causing lags due to the water glowing. Is there a way to solve this issue?

Let's ducking gooo, new update is out!

Nice game, though I expected Foxy to steal power, as he does in original Fnaf, but overall the game is fun to play

No way, Foxy finally has come for yer booty

Discord link is no longer works, any chances it'll be available again?

same problem, stuck at the fire cutscene, changing locale also didn't help, I tried all three

"Buddy, I think you've got the wrong  door. Leather club is two blocks down"

Are you planning to implement more languages in further updates?

Yeah, already found it, thanks!

New update is here, let's gooo!

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Each spell has "Inflicts damage on a single enemy" description. Does that mean there'll be a splash damage spell? Cuz it'd be quite useful when fighting.. Stone Spitters for example. And also great you're keep on developing the game, like it a lot.

upd: maybe there is already a spell, haven't discovered some areas and events yet

a new animation teaser drop, let's goooo

Awesome to hear you're all safe and sound, wishing luck for everything yer planned