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Great stuff, soft enough

I still hope there'll be an update one day TwT

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Oh, will there be a threesomes? :>

whoa, didn't expect it there, much thanks! 

So, i found a secret place on the level 19 but neither in gallery nor on that level 4p and 5p goblin scenes were found. Am i doing something wrong? (that one place, near the bath, right?)

пока что отлично, продолжай в том же духе!

Awesome, just awesome

oh, imagine adding unique items from bosses like Frog's tongue which could be used as a whip. Sadly, this more likely not gonna be implemented in game

they're somewhere on the location: try to search behind the trees, underwater, look for cave's signal or climp up really high!

yoo, new log is here, let's goooo

Uhm, controls are quite bad: pressing grapping button in any part of the location will take you to that spot. Also camera movement is broken once entering the menu. Some buttons have no usage (hope more stuff will be implemented soon). Overall score 5/10. It's personal opinion, don't take it too seriosly

We're all hoping you to get well soon 👐

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Куча недоработок у игры: скорость противников даже больше твоей, нет интуитивности, разве что из записок, поворот камеры мышью, необходимость нажимать кнопку, чтобы закрыть окно монолога, и да - я смог достать лишь две статуи ввиду того, что эти сраные жуки перекрывают проходы, потому что гонятся за тобой и им поебать

Upd. Ладно, пох, я нашёл как стрелять

It'd be awesome if someone creates a Discord server about this game, so the ppl could join to play with each other.

Digimon =/= Pokemons

how sad this game is dead :(

so, this games is kinda teaches you speedrunning cuz with every night passed there are more enemies begin to appear and the daytime isn't enough to collect all the resources i needed to build a safe spot - recipes requires too many of them

> Enemies cannot immediately grab after a successful grab escape

MUCH thanks for that

is the game still alive?

So, the current build ends with imp's trial? I'm not sure what should I do after activating that lever-

There's another hidden event now??? Guys help, how to get lingerie? Toy seller says nothing and Nel's affection stuck near almost full 3rd bar

1 hidden event left... Could anyone give a little hint, please?

Ля, ждём некст апдейт, пока что збс

One is near the bush, hiding a plug, another one is near the roots

Nice, keep it up dude, no bugs so far!

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More hostile kobolds, yay!

try to move some rocks dude. there are bunch of shrooms in each area

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Is there anything else in this alpha than beating-up enemies? Nothing even to interact with?

p.s. the game has a big potential, keep it up dude

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Looking forward to feature updates, this game surely has a potential

Windows 7 Professional

Gtx 650, should works

Can't start the game.  After launching it's just a black screen with music and after some clicks game crashes. I tried 32x and 64x versions, no differencies. What it may be?