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I got to a point where none of the problems with the systems can be fixed, and the message being broadcast is some weird code. I'm not sure if that's supposed to be the end or a fail state. Despite that, it seems like you've got the start of a decent game.

There's a couple issues I see, though. Firstly, "?" doesn't seem to do anything, either by pressing it or by typing it in. Second, the game starts in full and didn't work when put in a window (I tried alt-enter and it put the game in an unusable position, so I had to put it back to fullscreen), yet you've got the commands listed on the game page. That didn't get in the way, but it does mean that your instructions are incomplete. I recommend putting a mention on the game page that players will need to keep that page open and alt-tab between the browser and the game. It would also help to mention that the console doesn't have a text box or cursor for it, and that the player should just start typing.

If you continue this or use the same type of system in the future, I suggest programming "?" or "help" first and then "quit" or "exit" second, before doing any of the commands for in-game progress. That would make your system more functional from the start. It would also help to start the game's console with the instruction on what do to when stuck. That gives the player something to start with and shows more clearly that they're handling a command prompt. Other than that, you could also repeat the player's entry in the feedback to help the player figure out if they typed something in wrong.

yes that's the end. Type suspend and you will see a small cut scene.

Thx for the feedback :)

That is what I did. I don't think the cut scene triggered.

Just a machine shut down sound and the radio beep will stop. Ya, It's no where near to a cutscene.

But, did that not happen?

Oh, it might have. I wouldn't have noticed. I had the feeling that was the end though, so I wouldn't consider it a problem.