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Hey, thanks for making a video! It's awesome and humbling every time somebody takes the time to make content regarding our games (whether or not they win!).

Earth rotation controls which plants are in sunlight and which plants are in the dark, which changes their temperature. Plants in the ideal temperature range grow, filling up the "Lushometer", while plants that are too hot or too cold shrink. Winning the game is based entirely on the growth of the plants. We did our best with limited time to explain this visually in the game, but it's not quite as clear as it should be. 

As for the moon, it has infinite health, and is used to block asteroids from hitting the plants (which causes them to shrink) or the planet (which will blow up with the "Crustometer" hits 0).

You did quite well surviving as long as you did, however the game is much more difficult when multitasking defending against asteroids and keeping the plants happy! 

Thanks again for making a video showcasing our game!