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Wow thats alot of feedback! Thank you so much! :D

  1. Yeah the healthbar i set to the wrong size so im aware its too big :P
  2. I tried to implement a destroy function when the enemies got hit but that was like last minute so i was forced to export it without it so id be able to submit in time, next time ill learn to prioritize a little bit better :D
  3. As you might have seen in my previous reply i didn't really have time to make the patterns very diverse, but ill definitely try and make a broader assortment of enemies!

  1. I really like this idea! :D Yeah the bullets are evil thingy i actually came up with in last minute because right after i had exported it i realized that i had accidentally assigned the health to the bullets too so i don't really mind losing that aspect :)
  2. Thats really cleaver! :)

Finally thank you again, it's really awesome when people leave this much feedback becuase it helps ALOT! :D

I played your submission too! Really great game man :D