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Hey there, thanks for the bug report! I've pushed an update that should fix the issue, but if you try again and still get the error message, could you check the console for more error details? It should include a message like "Failed to parse passage titled "<broken passage title>", going to "DEFAULT" instead.", and that would help me debug further.

The bugs been fixed, is Bertie supposed to be repeating the same dialogue every day?

He should repeat once you have the option to give a plant, but his other conversations end with him leaving the area, preventing you from repeating. Is that not happening in your game?

(note that it would be expected for him to repeat at least once as a result of the bugfix; if you're playing on gardener mode, the next time he shows up it should progress)

I'm playing on gamer mode, he's repeating the dialogue from the first time I met him every day

Hmm, it sounds like the savestate's not recovering from the previous bug. I've pushed another update that should hopefully fix it (again, expect the first convo to loop once but if it loops twice, it's still broken).

If this update hasn't fixed it, you'll probably need to try modifying the save directly from the devtools, or clear your save. To do the former, you would:

  1. Open your browser's devtools
  2. Set the frame context to the iframe (by default it will be on the outer itch page)
  3. Enter `var s = scene.strand.savestate.npcs.Bertie; s.current=2;; s.spoken=true; s.done=true;;` into the console
  4. Refresh your game
  5. Bertie should be present and say his second dialogue

If none of this fixes the issue and you'd still like to help debug, feel free to DM/email me with the full contents of your `scene.strand.savestate` and I can try to see what I've missed.


It's fixed, thank you!