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I've liked the game so much. it's realy a good game but I would like if the player could change the soldier weapon by the time. I've started with 3 soldiers but I made them all gunners because at the start I didn't have many classes. and the weapons I was taking on missions were useless until I've a new recruit.

Thanks! To change a weapon you have to unlock a weapon class on a mission. So, if you unlock the Assault or Sniper class, then you can immediately equip that weapon to one of your troops.

Sorry if that is confusing. In the full game you will have access to most classes at the beginning and will have more options on changing and upgrading weapons.

Is this is correct, that if you have assigned a class and a weapon to a soldier, in the demo you can't change his profession or his weapon?
But in the final game you can do this?

We are still balancing this but it's currently looking quite a bit different in the full game. We consolidated the weapon classes and classes together and now allow you to assign up to 2 that can be leveled up like skills.The first class can be assigned on your first level up and the second can be added later. This system is still being developed but seems to be working well in our playtesting.

Skills can be learned either by leveling up stats or classes, so each character can access some of the same skills but still can be very unique.