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So i'm unsure how to unlock the final mission for the chapter.  I've cleared all the current tiles and whatnot and it says that I haven't unlocked the final assault.  It might be due to a save and loading issue, but I'm unsure about it.  I am unsure if this is supposed to be a game feature or it is a possible minor issue the game might have.  I'd like to see if it could be fixed if it is an issue.

Other than that, the game is quite fun to play.  Thanks.

Definitely sounds like a bug, press F11 to bring up the feedback tool,  and maybe include the save game (there should be a checkbox for this) in the report, and I'll take a look and get back to you. (If you don't see a checkbox for that, then you're not on the latest version, you can check for updates in the itch app or download the latest (as of this morning). )

Thanks, I will take a look at this and get back to you tomorrow!

Ok, I think I see what happened, it's a bug that I think was caused by certain stories (sweltering stars or gone ox?) creating a site as an outcome, where the site is outside the current map. This was left over from way back, before we switched to a tile-based overland map. Those events need to be changed, and we'll also add some code to detect and fix these issues in save games, like yours. That will be in the next patch, which is probably sometime next week.

Also I noticed a couple crash logs, those are graphics related. Updating to the latest graphics drivers from the manufacturer might resolve them.

Thank you for reporting this!