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Heard about this game on PC Gamer and had to give it a shot since i enjoy detective games, and man was i not disappointed

the Art style is basic but it really fits how goofy and fun the game is, loved the jazzy background music, and the dialogue and clues had a surprising amount of detail and thought put into them (even though i took 3 tries to get the right person)

all in all a really fun game, hopefully we see more great games on your end

(P.S.  : also checked out your art and i gotta say, holy crap is it impressive ... my programmer art is jealous)

PC gamer posted about my game?!? Wow that blows my mind. Thank you for mentioning that or else I'd have been totally baffled where my overnight followers and views came from.  And thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comment, it really made my day! I actually loved the experience of making this game, so you'll definitely be seeing more from me :)