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Thank you! :) I'm glad you like it

This game is super cool! I couldn't figure out how what to do with the two codes with an underscore in the middle but I'll come back to it when I have the time :) It's super fun, I'm not a fan of the sound it makes when I click, but apart from that it seems like a great game and I can't wait to come back and finish it 

This is a really interesting idea! It's a bit hard but I'm super impressed with the level design you were able to accomplish in four hours :) The walk cycle of the character is groovy and fun and the music goes really well.

I really enjoy listening to a studi ghibli soundtrack playlist when I'm writing (My fav are the Spirited away ones) and if I'm drawing then just some good old lo-fi music

OMG YES :'D haha that's hilarious

Thank you so much! I loved your game, it made me laugh too. I have faith in big snail, all great Snail Detectives have to start somewhere...

Thank you so much! :) Haha, it's definitely a tricky case to solve, I've learnt a lot from making it though so hopefully my next murder mystery is more clear and consise

Gorgeous game :) Super cute and fun to play

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I loved this game! :) I had so much fun and really enjoyed the game play, I felt like I was constantly discovering new things. I definitely want to buy the full game now, it's so fun.

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Gorgeous game, loved it! :)

Really like this game, the texts you get when you misplace people are really funny, replayed it just to see how many I could get wrong for those texts lol

I got to the end! I didn't actually realise there was an end until I read this thread, I forgot all about the ship dock lol. I managed to escape with 107 people, (mainly because I was just playing aimlessly for ages until I realsied about the ship) I got the hang for the game after a few tries and I don't think it's too hard. I love the ending, it's super satisfying and makes it all worthwhile. 

Love this game! It's super cute and addictive, I must've played it for a good 40 mins :)

Woah, this is the most gorgeous and atmospheric game I've played in a while and it's extra effective through it's simplicity. A lot of effort must have gone into the writing, it's gorgeously worded and has the most lovely twists and turns. I'm hoping to see more games from you in the future :)

Ooo congrats Nov! That's a really cool entry :)

Wow this game made me super emotional but it was worth it for that ending. Amazing job Casino :) Loved it

Oh wow, such a gorgeous game <3

Thank you so much! :) I'm glad you enjoyed jt

Thank you so much :) I don't think I'll be expanding on this particular topic but I'll definitely be making more games in the future of a longer length. (I made this in 3 days while I was sick lol) 

Thank you so so much! :D That is such a lovely thoughtful comment (yeahhh if I'd done that everyone would probably have rage quit lol :P )

I believe in you! :D All the best Snail Detectives have to start somewhere :) and thank you <3

Oooops :'D Yes, it totally is, thank you so much for spotting that. I'll see if I can fix it 

This game made me 'aww' a lot :D It's so lovely and really well made, love the art style!

Oh my gosh this game is absolutely delightful! :D I  love the art so much and the characters are so well developed and lovable <3

Thank you :) 

I found it really easily :) it's a very well designed game <3 

PC gamer posted about my game?!? Wow that blows my mind. Thank you for mentioning that or else I'd have been totally baffled where my overnight followers and views came from.  And thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comment, it really made my day! I actually loved the experience of making this game, so you'll definitely be seeing more from me :) 

This is such a cool little game! Really drew me in :)

Woah, this game is absolutely stunning! I was hooked the whole was through, so much fun! :D Now to get the good ending lol

Thank you so much! :) 

Thank you! :) Fun fact: The stairs were actually really ugly in the first model but my brother made me change them to their current look 

Thank you so much! :) Don't worry, I made the mystery a bit diabolical on purpose mwahaha

Super cool, love the feel of this! :)

This game is so gorgeous, love it! :)

Awww this game is the best! So cute and fun :)

This game is so cute! :) Now I have adorable onion friends

Oh wow, this game is sooo good and really deep too. Love it! :)

Oh dear, time to leave the country and start your detecting career again under a new name :P Thanks so much for playing :)

Such a cool little game, has a lovely feel to it :) Took me a  bit to figure out the walking backwards dynamic but I got there eventually lol. I feel cosy now

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So good!! I love all the snail puns, snurder and snurderer especially. Oh, and snarloten lol. This is amazing, I'm glad you managed to finish it in time for the jam :D