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Played it a couple of times and because of lack of knowing what to do, i failed all of the times. A few things that sprung into mind while playing:

- The player really needs feedback of what he is doing, or waiting for. Like clicking for mining. Just add a healthbar or spawn some particles and you will be fine. Small fixes that are very usefull for the player. - Sometimes the player is floating above the surface of the planet. The planet rotates beneath the player.
- Where is the sound? I know "in space no one can hear you scream" ;) but i missed it.

I really like to give it another go when things get a bit clearer of what the player has to do. I think i need to build stuff to get fuel for my rocket. But overshooting production, using all my coal and other resources kills the chance to do so :( Too bad, the idea is nice.

[AFTER ANOTHER TRY!!! I couldn't let go ;)]
Well, i tried it one more time and i managed to get of the first planet. Is traveling meant to be so tiny? I was not able to see my rocket, i had to use fuel as my boost particles showed me my position. It was way better now i knew what i had to do. Sorry i didn't read the controls earlier :( Indeed a nice tutorial level as intro would be very nice to have.