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Hello there man! I really like the gameplay of your game is funny and easy to catch, the only two things that I don't like at all are that the main menu it's not clear for just start playing and the art meets but could be more interesting to enhance the gamefeel.

The rest is really nice jeje

Good job dude! :)

Thanks for your comment, but I'm not sure if I understood them correctly.
Do you mean that the background in the main menu is confusing? If yes, then I agree, but I was too lazy to make a background and using my world spawner to feel it more alive was a quick solution. Everything that saves time during a jam is good ;)

And your second point is about the art, i guess. This is based on my current art skill and should improve in the future and especially if I have more time :D

Don't forget to leave a rating, if you haven't already ;)