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Woh Thanks,  I'm glad you liked it! 

Thanks man!!

I would be glad if you give some feedback and rate my prototype for the jam! 

Thank you!! The Q  and the E are now changed.

 hehe thanks for the feedback!

It's really confussing at first but when you watch the videotutorials that you did It's easy to catch it. I love the mood of the game and the man mechanic its really well design and programmed!

Have you tried to throw some eggs to the title ??

It remembers me to Mountain (I dont know if u know the game but I recomends it to you!), nice programming but maybe add more instruments will make the game works better. :)

Really really smart game design and level design, I really love the minimalist art because I usually do games with minimalist art too hehe.

Nice juiciness too!

Nice! It's a nice game mechanic well programmed but I think you need to recheck your level design. I mean is well but you need an easier start to catch well the game mechanics. 

Good job btw!

Hey! There are some good ideas badly carried. Your art is really really nice but if you base all de game mechanics in a platform system make the jump better. However it's a demo so... go ahead!

The  game is fast so you creat the urgency really quick, however its a little repetitive but its nice.

Man,  your intro is nice but the game design is just a mess. I don't understand what I have to do and I want to because I wanna know what will happen when the world ends. :)

Hello there man! I really like the gameplay of your game is funny and easy to catch, the only two things that I don't like at all are that the main menu it's not clear for just start playing and the art meets but could be more interesting to enhance the gamefeel.

The rest is really nice jeje

Good job dude! :)

Thanks mate!

Thank you dude! :3

Thank you very much for your feedback man! And... Yeah you are right, with more levels it would be better ("Soulmates" it's like another different level, you can play it on my profile).

I will play your game jeje

Hello there! The meaning of the game for me is the first sentence showed, but you can have your own lecture of the game, that's the funny thing about this kind of video games, your own reflexion.

Man  I don't know how much time did you spend spaming the planet, I love it! How did you do that?  jeje. But I think,  doing that was a game for you! :)

And about the game, I think that we are in a time where  games don't have to be funny or challenging.

Thank you for your feedback dude!

Thank you so much! I love that you loved it, we are so proud of it! We have tried our best doing it :) 


Uooh! I love that you liked it  thanks!! :)

Thank you dude!

Yeah it's from here!

Wow thanks dude! With more time we could have done more planets :) The bug with the cursor is a fault of the browser I think. Depending on the browser it appears or not :/ 

Thanks for the feedback!

Ouuh! Thank you so much!!

Hi! We weren't  searching a realistic behavior with the planets. Give another try to the game, when you click on the planets the Sun grows depending on your clicks. 

When the sun is in his biggest form the message of the game is show.

I'm sorry you did not like it :(

Wow thank you so much! I will add u to discord soon, I really appreciate your feedback :)

@daniFM @Sharingsodelightt

Thanks for the feedback, we know that, but we thougth that the best way to transmit the idea in the short duration of the game, and the short time we had to do it, was make it black or white. I mean we know that the only two exits of a relationship like that are not kill yourself or kill your husband. But those options are the most impressive and those that will most mark you in the short duration of the game.

Responding to making the game more complete, we wanted to do it but for the GameJam we couldn't do it because fault of time...

But maybe if we do a complete version of "Him & I" we will add all the things that you said!

Thank you for give your opinion! We really appreciate that you love our game :3

It's cute and fun! I want to give a huge to the menu :3

Thanks dude! Love that you like it!