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I just finished the demo. I really enjoyed it.

I'm sure all the routes and all the characters are very interesting... but to be honest I'm  interested in yuri romance the most,so I chose and got only Ilma's endings. 

Of course I really like artstyle... Well-done sprites and CGs. Daphne is very cute <3
Partial voice acting is good too.

The story was very great too.  A lot of endings, routes, meaningful choices and unexpected! plot-twists. The "normal" girl has to live in world she never knew about... and rule it. Wow! And she can find love, too.

small spoiler: I like idea of casting spells by gliphs. It's very different from what other games and media tells us about magic in use.

I rate it 5 hearts of 5 pausible. 

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the game and I appreciate your kind words.