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Wow, very nice and well polished game there! Managed to take the third palce with 6155 and thought it was good enough =D

I liked :
- The Felling! With the speed increase, it became so intense I often realised post-mortem I was in apnea while playing ^^
- The toon-y graphics
- The music, very fitting
- The character design. Chickens? Brilliant.

What I think could be better :
- Not much... Maybe make the coins pop at a regular pace ? I often found that I was building speed non-proportionnally to my score, because coins didn't want to appear often. It create a little bit of unfairness
- The tilting animation is a bit slow, it seems that the game only look if the key is pressed to dodge obstacles, but my eyes tells me that "i'm not yet fully tilted". Or worse : I often released the key thinking "I can anticipate it a little, it takes time for the cart to go back down" and instead hurted myself on the rocks under me.
- The "up" (all key released) position is useless =)

Overall, very very very solid entry there, gg!