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How do I remove my save data?

Do you mean your saved programs/progress or your leaderboard scores?

For your code and whatnot, it’s stored in HTML Local Storage in the browser (on your computer). Deleting it is different by browser, but for Chrome open dev tools with F12, go the Application tab, and delete the entries that start with “sic1_”. Clearing browser history also deletes it, but that also deletes all your browser history, which you probably don’t want.

For deleting leaderboard data, I haven’t published the instructions yet, but the instructions will be in the next update (coming next weekend). If that’s what you’re looking for, let me know which browser you’re using and I can try and give you instructions that will work on the current version (there’s no UI for this in the current version).

Also, if you don’t mind sharing, why do you want to remove your saved data? If you think you hit a bug or something, let me know!

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It's not that I encountered a bug. I just wanted to revert my solutions for the problems into their original state (I deleted the comments, basically, which made it much more difficult for me to understand what to do). 

Also, is there anyway to download the game into another system not via I downloaded the game from GitHub, but the game wouldn't open. 

That makes sense, thanks! I have plans to add a "reset" button that would restore the original code, but that work isn't done yet. If you don't mind potential spoilers, you can just search for the puzzle name in this file to see the original comments:

As far as downloading, right now is the only option. If you use Steam on Windows, SIC-1 is releasing there (also for free) on Friday (with cloud saves). I don't have any other release plans. For the record, GitHub only has the source code and there are compilation steps required, so that unfortunately won't work for playing, in general.

Ah, OK. Also, I was planning to save my programs for later on my machine. So what's the file extension I have to use to save these programs?

I would use “.txt”, given it is plain text and there aren’t any other programs that use SIC-1 Assembly Language 🙂