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Ah, OK. Also, I was planning to save my programs for later on my machine. So what's the file extension I have to use to save these programs?

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It's not that I encountered a bug. I just wanted to revert my solutions for the problems into their original state (I deleted the comments, basically, which made it much more difficult for me to understand what to do). 

Also, is there anyway to download the game into another system not via I downloaded the game from GitHub, but the game wouldn't open. 

How do I remove my save data?

The game and the programming language look so interesting, but I cannot figure out what to do, and I can't type in any code.

When I first installed the game, I set my drift and look back controls as C and V respectively. When I checked my  controls in the options screen, both of the controls were mapped to C. After changing the controls, the game says that my data is saved and that my new controls are set, but when I went back to the options screen to check the controls, the controls were still mapped to C.

I could be wrong, but I think the game accidentally maps the drift control to the look back control, and I've not tampered any of the game's files. Please resolve this issue as quick as possible, as I don't know which files to modify to resolve this issue...

I really love this game, so it would be appreciated if this irritating issue can be resolved quickly.

I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I can clip through the right bookshelf in the dining room.

I'm not sure if it works in the other rounds, but in the final heat, if I do not move as the race starts (I also held brake just in case I get launched off), one of the cars behind me collided into me and was spinning around like crazy. It spawned behind me again, but a little more to the left, only to collide into me once again and spin like crazy. But as it spawned again, it was far enough from me to cross the starting line and race.

Again, I'm not sure if it works in the first 2 rounds, and I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I know that cars do not spin around like tops when they collide into the rear of a static car... XD

Can you add some house rules in the future, such as rotate hands when playing a 0, exchanging hands when playing a 7, choosing a bluff option for a draw 4?

Will my progress on the app be saved and will I be able to see my progress in my browser?

It's not available as an .exe file. It opened in my browser.

Can I download this? I really like it so much.

Can't pecking wait! :D

First game downloaded from here, first game I loved. :D