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Nice game =D I went to 1756 before my feets failed me and I joined the zombies on their quest to take on the world ^^

I liked :
- Simple game mechanics are the best
- 3D walls... a bit overkill, maybe, but esthetically very pleasing =D
- Having the choice of gameplay (what stat to level up)
- The music was nice, not too repetitive, with its little light mood

What I think could be better :
- Balancing the game so that dying is a direct consequence of player actions, not because the game just became too hard (ex: dying of a bad build is not fun, dying of stepping in the wrong corner is)
- More diversity in enemies? Attack style?
- Don't spawn enemies too close to the player, nor inside walls. I even think that enemies could appear out-of-screen and it would be nice.

Thank you! I appreciate all the great feedback!