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Once again a cinematic masterpiece. Naughty Dog really made the right choice to let you develop that sequel.

So yeah, aesthetics game is pure perfection again. The only thing I'd notice that hasn't been brought up yet is that I wish stickers had more oomph to them. The regular B Attack seemed to be pretty solid at getting rid of the enemies already. Or maybe I'm just the kind of guy that conserves his special attacks and has 99 potions at the final boss I dunno. Either way, another super stylish game, absolutely love your output.

Thanks, me and the dog have been working triple ot to crank this one out, just glad you like it. Stickers are flashier and definitely do  more d  down the line. Everything so far is pretty weak, level one slime shit. There's fusions locked behind bosses too, those are gonna be pretty useful. The first one is a solid megaman type gun to chip away damage when you're at a distance.  Always appreciated m8, jahbless