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You guys did an amazing job with this game. From the cute art, to the amazing animations, solid code, very adorable audio, and good level design! I really like puzzle games, so this idea of having multiple characters with different abilities really spoke to me. Here's some feedback: The first x-amount of levels are relatively easy compared to the last two. It might have been a bit better to gradually move the difficulty curve up. (This might be me but,) I keep pressing the spacebar to jump, because I'm so used to it. It might be a good idea to bind the character switching, and the special abilities to a different button, or even the mouse (left click is cycle, right is special ability e.g.) Anyway, you guys did a really good job. I especially liked the water element guys, haha.

Ty for the feedback, and we will take that into account. U r probably the second one who likes the water element guy haha Thanks for playing our game, i will try your game now.  =)