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Does anyone know how to download older versions?
I'm trying to make maps for a game called Carrion
Thank you

Never mind, found out how. If anyone has the same question, its on github. 😁


That’s correct, all previous releases stay available on GitHub. However, if you have a need to download an older version, please do let me know why. In general, there should not be a need for this.

I did break compatibility in 1.9, by renaming “type” attribute to “class”, but there is a compatibility option you can set in your project (and likely I’ll undo this change in Tiled 1.10, because it keeps tripping people up). Then the maps should work in Carrion, unless there are also other changes that cause maps to not work.

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Hi, I'm trying to use Tiled 1.8.6 for the map editing stuff again.. turns out something else broke in 1.8.6 - I tried booting up a map, and the game crashed... I don't think any versions above 1.4 work for Tiled which is odd - I will try to found out why

Hey, just did some testing. Not even Tiled 1.4 works. I have to stick to the 1.3 versions - It could be with the project tab thing.

What is “the project tab thing”? It’s strange, because as per the TMX changelog, the only changes to the map format have been the addition of two attributes and a custom property type, all of which should only affect the file when used. Maybe the game is checking the version? Did you check the files for any other difference?

 This is "the project tab thing"

I will also try to check the logs for any errors I can find

I found the logs (I think) and I'm running Tiled 1.8.6 at the moment to boot it up. Here it is


  "runtimeOptions": {

    "tfm": "netcoreapp3.1",

    "includedFrameworks": [


        "name": "Microsoft.NETCore.App",

        "version": "3.1.0"



    "configProperties": {

      "System.Globalization.Invariant": true,

      "System.Runtime.TieredCompilation": false




I think the file could also be corrupted somehow. I'm going to copy everything over to a new map. Will post any new results I can find

Ok, copying the file straight over didn't work. I'm going to manually recreate it now

Recreating it manually also didn't work. I will try it without the objects later

Maybe you could open an issue about your problem at This comments section isn’t really suitable for long threads.

Ok, will do it