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I liked the game, it was pretty difficult.

The music is really good and the art looks pretty nice. My only problem with the visuals is the background, the rings sometimes become extremely fast and it just hurts my eyes.

The gameplay is very fun and addictive, I always wanted to play more. I did have one problem, there was a delay of pressing the button and the portal spawning (maybe because I am using Microsoft Edge), it made the game even harder.

Overall I liked it, I'm probably going to play some more.

    Im happy you liked it! 

    Because i didnt have much time, i wasnt destorying "dead" planets. When ill have some free time ill definitly do that .

     I only tested in chrome, so i'm happy about it working in edge (it has some bugs on firefox).

    Do rings become fast from the first play or after your press play again? I was encountering a bug with the ring speed not beeing reseted.

     If you have any more suggestions ill definitly like to hear them!

(Also, a little easter eggs, press "T" a few time and you get a dev console, sadly the help command isnt fully implemented so its kinda hard to figure it out, but you can use commands like "axios hp 1000"  , "axios score 200" ,  "axios set warp 0.1" (0.1 is the starting speed) or even "axios set G 10". 

     Originally i wanted to make a game where you have a cmd that controls the universe, but i decided to do this instead, however, i didnt want to throw the cmd away , so its till in there. 

    Now i realised i wrote a giant message, sorry...