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Oooh. It's like Intergalactic Paperboy!

I love the art style, very slick. Colorful, vibrant, clear and cute. And the in-game damage indications are great. I love the animated level intro and outro text and the crazy creative asteroids that appear throughout the game. Oh, and the way the character just casually balances the planets in a stack while flying is hilarious!

The planet color-matching mechanic is great and is certainly a clever way to increase the pressure while flying. :) And I also love that aiming planets is forgiving with accuracy. Oh, and that the planets even return to you if you do manage to miss! I thought difficulty was very nicely balanced, levels were forgivingly short, and if you're struggling, you can learn the level patterns if you persist.

I love the detailed instructions you provide, and being given the option of multiple controls for rocket movement. I also appreciated having the context-sensitive reminders of controls displayed in-game, such as quitting to the menu, and especially when it's time to finally switch planets for the first time! The rocket was a little tricky to control, but in a way that was easy to understand, which is what made the game fun--you had to learn to plan ahead and anticipate its turning speed. Great!

Nice use of audio panning, and I enjoyed the range of sound effects. They all felt very fitting. I also adore how the music changes and progresses and ramps up in intensity as the player gets further. That's something I love in games. Great work.

Oooh, made with Godot! Nice, I've used Godot a bit in the past. And Bosca Ceoil is something I learned of through this game jam and am definitely gonna try out!

Overall, I found it fun and challenging, and satisfyingly tricky. Very nice! Oh, and it's great to see multiple versions offered. :)

Thanks for the great feedback !

Art is not something I'm really skilled at, so I'm happy that the quick drawings I made in gimp were not too bad... I always try to animate the UI as much as I can, I think it's an easy way to give more life and personnality to a game. As for the planets stacking, I was like "I want the character to hold multiple planets at a time but he also needs to hold the rocket at the same time.. let's just make him stack the planets", I really wanted to make more planets so that the effect would be funnier but I didn't have time in the end...

As I said I really wanted to make more planets and I even designed 2 more, but I didn't find an interesting enough way to play with the color matching mechanic beside "mash C to get the right planet at the right moment", so it felt like a cheap way to add difficulty... that's why I ultimately stayed with 2 planets only. For the forgiving accuracy, I figured that it wouldn't be much fun to fail a level right at the end because you didn't aim well, but I still wanted it to be a sort of final mini challenge at the end of each level, that's why the goals are moving so fast in the last levels. I think short levels were the best choice because it allowed me to design levels pretty quickly and to add enough new ideas without making the game too long, especially since I didn't add a save feature or a level select screen (which I wanted to do but didn't have enough time to)

Displaying the controls on the title screen are a nice and easy way to tell everything without losing too much time doing a tutorial for example. And yeah, since switching planets is only introduced halfway through the game, I figured it was necessary to remind about it when it finally appeared x) For the rocket, now that I've replayed the game with a fresh new look, I think I should have made it a bit more responsive, because some obstacles near the end of the game seem almost unavoidable if you don't know about them in advance, so I am a bit disappointed that I couldn't realize it before the deadline. Oh well, it's a traditionnal game jam error !

Music and sound effects... I spent way less time working on them than I usually do, so I didn't have the time to tweak the sound effects like I wanted to. In the end, I think it could have been worse, but I'm not satisfied with some of them yet (the victory sound for example is a bit underwhelming I think, it just sounds like a coin from a Mario game). As for the music, it's always my biggest enemy in a jam. I have absolutely zero musical skill, so in the end, I just do like I always do, which is taking the percussions in boscas ceoil and making a rythm which gradually speeds up. But this time I decided to make it speed up between levels instead of during each level, which ended up way better than I expected x)

I switched over from Unity to Godot because I felt Unity was becoming a bit too complicated to me... and most notably because I like Godot's interface and the fact that it's really light and open source. It's actually only my second game made with this engine, and the first one was a FPS that I made during another game jam... while learning the engine at the same time ! It's definitely something I would recommand anyone not to do, because for me at least, it was pretty visible in the game x)

Well thanks a lot again for your really detailed feedback, it always feels super nice to receive ! I ended up answering like you did in the comment I left on your game, because reading it was really fun and put a smile on my face ! Aren't game jams wonderful ? :D