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This game is great I haven't dove into it for long but I have 3 problemos 1. A Menu, Make a s menu when you press escape and like a settings thiing and put audio and video stuff in there and Quit and Resume, 2. This one goes kind of with no. 1 and that is like quality levels, this game doesnt run well with a potato I'd be delighted if i could get atleast 3 so I can get a smoother expirence, and 3. Saving, Checkpoint like things would be nice but to have like 3 game slot things would also be great. I am no critic but those features would be amazing.

Thanks for leaving feedback! When you open the game, try choosing the lowest resolution available in the dropdown settings. I made quite a few performance-related mistakes (i.e. too many lights, expensive shaders, and large triangle count) that will all be done correctly in the next project. If you want to add me on Twitter or Discord I could send a custom build with performance fixes to test out. As far as checkpoints and saving, that will be implemented in the next one as well. This was meant to be played through in one sitting (10 minutes). I'll add a menu though, some people have had issues with hitting escape and it closing when they were close to the end. 

Thank you for the fast response and I would like to see more of these types of games, keep doing what your doing.