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Thank you for the fast response and I would like to see more of these types of games, keep doing what your doing.

I know I am super late but one of the best platformers i have very played it reminds me of Wario Land but with more pixely art ig and stripped down.  11/10 difficulty but it is fun as hell I would not mind seeing community levels like mario maker. I would buy it and play the hell out of it.


This game is great I haven't dove into it for long but I have 3 problemos 1. A Menu, Make a s menu when you press escape and like a settings thiing and put audio and video stuff in there and Quit and Resume, 2. This one goes kind of with no. 1 and that is like quality levels, this game doesnt run well with a potato I'd be delighted if i could get atleast 3 so I can get a smoother expirence, and 3. Saving, Checkpoint like things would be nice but to have like 3 game slot things would also be great. I am no critic but those features would be amazing.