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are you planning to continue the series

I'm working on a longer thriller adventure game in the same style, but not specifically a sequel to this or Peridium.  Working on longer stuff is hard though! It's taking me ages compared to the gamejam style ones, so don't hold your breath ;)

cool, look forward to your next project

Any update? This is honestly in my top 5 point and click games ever and I would love to play a full fledged one from y’all 

I'm still plodding away on it, but it's slow going so don't hold your breath!
That said, it's almost time for Adventure Jam again, so I might do another quick one for that!

You should make a kickstarter! I’d totally pay my support ahead of time if it helped make it happen!

Thanks! I don't think we'd ever have the energy for a kickstarter though, everyone I know who's done one aged about 10 years over the month it was active :P  

We're lucky enough to be able to self fund our own projects at the moment. At least until we decide to make a huge Triple A MMO of course ;)