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this is INTENSE


I actually play this quite a bit now. It's really great to wake me up. It gives me crazy anxiety. Thank you so much

Thanks - really glad to hear you like it! I want to update it a bit once my thesis is done :) 

(Out of curiosity, how far have you gotten? I had to tweak the timer for the final level of E1 - I have no idea if 30 seconds are enough for the other episodes.)

ep1 was hard until i learned how to do the boss quickly!

ep2 and ep3 weren't a problem on normal, and i think it's fine on hard, it's just hard lol

haven't tried ep4 yet... long story why lol

i think it would be nice to give more time when killing the shamblers, but honestly, the fact that they don't add more time value makes it more exciting.

it's funny but makes sense that hard difficulty is easier than normal, haven't tried easy yet though


Okay, E4M2 is really difficult, took me many tries on Normal and Hard, and there's no way E4M3 is possible for me... it's just too spaced out. Based on that alone, E4 doesn't even seem like it would be possible at all unless you're a speedrunner. 

This is seriously so good, thank you for making this!

Thank you for testing it! The timing definitely needs tweaking, hah - this was my first go at Q1 modding, so learning that the arbitrarily picked 30 second start (mostly) got you through Episode 1 was a pleasant surprise.


Last update (probably, lol)-- I was able to beat E4 on Easy!

Awesome, well done mate :)