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Really enjoyed this - great music :)

Great game! I love the drawings :)

Awesome, well done :D

The source is now up at . It's based on QC 1.06, so I'm not 100% on the licensing - please let me know if there are any glaring omissions or GPL violations (rebuilding the mod on a proper GPL fork is on my to-do list)

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Thank you! Will dig up and post the source in a bit :)

Awesome, well done mate :)

Thank you for testing it! The timing definitely needs tweaking, hah - this was my first go at Q1 modding, so learning that the arbitrarily picked 30 second start (mostly) got you through Episode 1 was a pleasant surprise.

Thanks - really glad to hear you like it! I want to update it a bit once my thesis is done :) 

(Out of curiosity, how far have you gotten? I had to tweak the timer for the final level of E1 - I have no idea if 30 seconds are enough for the other episodes.)

Yep, that worked!

Completely white screen from bootup - I'm playing on Windows 10 with a GTX 970 (drivers version 388.13)

Doesn't work for me - I get sound but a completely white screen :(

The atmosphere is great, but holy moly, *that* spooked me

Spoilery question (ROT13): Vf gurer nal jnl gb znxr gur fcvqre nibvq lbh? V gevrq uvqvat va gur pbeare, ohg vg frrzrq gb ybpx ba gb zr nhgbzngvpnyyl.

I enjoyed this!

It's a really approachable dungeon crawler, and it's stylish to boot - the cross-hatching to imply depth is a very cool trick :)

The walls load as textureless for me, making it hard to gauge how shots will ricochet :(

That being said, it's a cool idea - I think it could be very interesting with a few tweaks to help people see where shots go!

BUG: My men have blood in their morphine stream

Joking aside, I love the way this combines finicky medic work with gunfights in the background, and the way it forces you to manage an all too short supply of bandages and tourniquets - I would love to see a larger version of this :)

I really liked this! 

Unfortunately, I got stuck on the "don't stand between two red blocks" stage (it wasn't immediately clear if something stopped working or if I'd just misunderstood something)

The concept is really cool, though, and the style goes really well with it :) 

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Thanks for giving it a go :) Right now it doesn't, but I will definitely look into tuning that.

A Discord channel for help, in-progress screenshots and plain chat has been set up at