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First things first... I saw the 3 LI and okay, yeah let´s see. Starting the Demo I saw the Master of Murmurs and I freaked out, like "ohhhhh Helloooo Mr. Dark Hottie! I would totally invite YOU into my private Chambers!", but the Game was like "Nope! Not this one for you!". Shatter my little Heart u evil Game Creator! *wink*

Sooo, just finished the Demo and i never "kissed" my table so many times with my head... I played VN´s for many Years and I played like...a lot but only a few could hold my attention like that. Every Decision was so hard and i was struggling with myself on what to do. Go for Justice? Be Selfish? I had serious discussions with myself most of the times ( It was kind of embarrassing and ridiculous at the same time). But I LOVED how much the Options rly matters in the actual Situation the Empress was in.

The Atmosphere was totally in Sync with the Story and Timeline. The Characters are beautiful designed and very catching with their unice personalities. The Soundtrack was relaxed/in harmony with the Game and heightened the Atmospheric experience of the Story.

I´m rly excited to play the finished Game. It will be a loooong Year to wait.


Ahah, I totally get it, I speak to myself facing hard choices so I know exactly how it feels like XD! I am glad you enjoyed the demo, maybe the Master of Murmurs will be part of the romance someday ~

Lovely day 


any chance for android version