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Page looks horible on mobile

Will there be android version

Diffrent story i assume

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will there be android version ??

Where is the game ??

Hope there will be an Android version right ???

Windows and mac tag missing

Will there be an Android version ??

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Will there be an android version ??

Will there be an Android version ??

use the apk plus extra file methord this overcomes its and no size limit

Overlord H community · Created a new topic android version

will there be ??

why not just the old version instead of cut version like in the other game

what happened

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Why not relaunch the game  on itch so new people can discover it ??

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Man you have to change some things in character creater curently the button size is small can be made just a bit big, when you are in character creation and you have not even finished it takes to intro i guess the problem is double tap add a confirm character button so we can atleast complete our character,

android version ??

Put pateron link in game description

Nice  job dev

Care to explai of demo is just a short part  or more like demo is v.1 or v.2 and full is next version that should come v.3

Put pateron link in game description

 android high resolution is not needed due to small screeen size so you can try other than lossless compression or the break for that is apk + file  so size will not be issue

I belive the size being more than 2 gb is the issue

Android has 2 gb apk limit you have to compress the images

The pateron link doesnt seem to work

Add patron link in game description 

will there be an android version

Android version ??

Will there be ??

can we expect android version also ??

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Just compress the images o webp as android doest need high resolution images due to small screen or use the way games like pale carnations use apk and lib file  best for big games

Create a pateron also if possible as most people dont use boosty

What foes old version mean for android is it 2.1 and others is 3.1 ??

You can reduce the size by compressing images as android doest need hight quality image due to small screen or go the way pale carantions and others went by making 2 files apk and a data file that can be pasted

add in game images to the page

Any plan of compressing images for Android mobile