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Hello, hello! True I should post the devlogs here too huh But development is going well, I am super close of putting the final point on the storyline! I hope for a release in spring this year, but we have a ton of work in editing left, finger crossed! 

Thanks for your support <3

Feel you, I hadn't the time to play a demo since 2020

The artistic direction of this project is incredible, I am very excited for the full game!

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Thanks for the kind words! I can't wait to have all the MC new fullbody sprite finish so we can enjoy how beautiful she is :p

Eheh! I can't wait to show off more of the fullbody sprite we are creating currently thanks to our successful Kickstarter! Even more pretty art and customisation ~

<3 <3 <3

Hello, thank you for the kind word! It's true I tend to make games with a "fighting against women discrimination" vibe on mind and thus strongly affirmed female lead characters, but I understand it must be annoying to not have a more neutral option or NB representation. I might consider that for my next project if it's doable.

Hello, hopefully somewhere in May. It's hard to know for sure, but definitely this year! 

Hello, thank you for your interest! For now a phone port seems difficult, but the good thing with Renpy game is that they don't require any installation, you can download them, put them in a USB key and play them on any computer, so like even school/library ones. I hope it helps! 



Thank you for your kind word!!! Also, there is no shame at being consistent, I also always loved medieval love stories (if plot is involved even better) even during my teenage-edgy-emo-phase and I am PROUD OF IT! 

YES, we are working hard on it, for now we are on the deadline for a spring release *cross fingers* <3

Hello, no problem, happy to answer your questions! 

- There is rarely direct influence between what you do in diplomacy and the main story (no you did X so Y happens in the main story), but at some key moment if a country like you they will help, if they dislike you they will make it harder for you and some decision might have further consequence on the long term (like epilogue wise). 

- They are hard to get in a sense you need to do several precise bad decision to get their bad ending. For Alexander it's "the end justifies the mean" mentality, for Theodore is to put your well being before your country prosperity, and for Asha it's to not respect her. 

Stupid decision are more likely to give a direct game over, so you can just reload and try again. 

- No this choice with Asha is just about setting your boundaries! She will respect it either way, and you can romance any love interest! Overall simple shape choices (as opposed to the big choice screen) are here to set your MC personality and are "not important" to the story = unlikely to have big consequences. 

- If you already know which love interest you will romance, you can spend all your time with them to not miss any content from them, I think it will be more enjoyable. 

- Yes, you have unique choices (most of the time more favorable) depending of your starting specialty, as well as two unique scenes to really showcase your skill. 

- No Calidya can't have two empress, but you can have an exclusive relationship with Asha. She will also have a route in a mariage DLC we will do later.  There is a lot of possible relationship variation, but it's often open secret flavor. Most obvious, being: everybody know you are a couple, because you don't hide how close you are and you never marry etc. but officially everyone will pretend they don't see you kiss and say you are very good friend. 

I hope it helps <3


Hello, thanks for your support! 

1) I think the normal mode is quite balanced. When the full game is out, we will adjust the numbers so it's not too punishing, but require a bit of thinking. Basically, besides obvious wrong choices story-wise, the ressources is here to make the player think twice about their decision. Like, I would say the main challenge is you can't please everyone in normal mode, because for example, if you say yes to everyone asking you to give money, you won't have money anymore. It's more this kind of strategic thinking about priority I want to induce in normal mode, not like hardcore management. 

2) For now, it's not planned, but I might add it as small goals for the release. As I said, I think the normal mode won't be really difficult, so if I do that, it would more be to have an harder mode for player who really like challenge. 

3) Yes indeed it will be in the full game. Basically, you will be able to check your diplomacy level with all the neighbor countries, and to perform special actions like sending gifts, trying to spy someone, sending assassin's to kill an annoying person etc. 

4) The people you spend time with, is just a way for you to discover the characters! You will have a clear choice for your romannce later (so even if you spend all your free time with Asha, you can still enter Theodore romance for example. Or you can spend a bit of time with each character to decide who you will romance etc.) Each non-romanced character have a bad ending but they are actually really hard to get. That said, spending a bit of time of Asha if you don't romance her, is a very good way to make sure you don't get her bad ending, it doesn't matter for Alexander or Theodore. 

I wish I had more time to develop the friendship of the non romanced character, but the story is already so long so I mostly focus on your romance past the point you choose it, but there is some moment where you can still see they like you even if you are not in romance with them. 

Don't hesitate if you have more questions! 

I wish you a lovely day <3


At least you won't have to wait long to play it! (Release planed in April/May 2024), thank you for your kind word and your support, I can't wait to share all our hard work to the world!!!

Thank you for your kind word, we are working hard!

If you are looking for indie games with a possible male MC and a medieval court shenanigan , I can recommend Royal Alchemist and Celestial crown! Both are lovely game and you can pick a male MC (pronoun + physical appearance). Imperial Grace will never get one, so I understand it's not for everyone ^^ 

Best wishes, 


Thanks for your support! I hope we get a German translation one day! I am already surprised of the number of people who offered us translation with the itchio page only, so I really hope with some extra steam visibility it's even better! 

Thank you so much for leaving this message!!! Like I am genuinely super happy to read this nice comment and to know you take the trouble to create an account just to say something nice, it's heartwarming, so thank you, we do put a lot of love and dedication into the game, the development is going well, so hopefully you won't wait too long for the full story <3

I am happy you liked it! It's indeed terrible how the health system is always fucked up somehow... In France it's mostly free but we are cruelly lacking of... everything. Resulting in underpaid staff, exhaust until they get sick themselves... It was so cathartic for us to right this story so I am always happy when people liked it, thanks for giving it a try! 

<3 <3 <3

aww can't wait to know what you thought about both!

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I am very happy you enjoyed it! Also if this one made you cry, don't try our other free game Autumn Spirit as it's much more feels. :p

Eheh, very happy you had a good time with the game <3

I feel you, that's why I rarely play demo, patience is not my forte :p But I am very happy you enjoyed it so much! <3

Thank you very much for this lovely comment, our writers really did well to convey the emotions and the characters, I am happy other people think the same <3

Hello, there is two ending in the game (only the final choice matter for it). They are both bittersweet, no real bad ending!

Thank you so much!!! <3

I feel you, I am always frustrated at the end of demo I like eheh, I am very happy you enjoyed it <3 

Thank you so much for this detailed review, it made my day! I am so happy you had fun with the demo !!! 

Thank you for supporting us <3


Oh I see, sorry I tend to take everything first degree ahah, I am very happy you enjoyed our game and understand all little extra work we put in it, it's so rewarding when people notice the little things <3

Hello, I am very happy you liked the demo <3 

As for the hair colors, unfortunately we won't add more even in the full game. Our artist is very perfectionist so it's not  just color swap, they redraw everything each time so the shadows, contrast with the clothes and skin etc. are always perfect. Since the MC will have several hairstyle, several clothes, several color skin, it makes way too much variation to account for, so we decided to let them as it is I hope you understand! 

Thank you for your support, 


I don't think it will. It require a lot of UI adjustment and the mobile market is really not appropriate for one time purchase type of things 

I am sorry to hear the mailing list is not working, can you send me a mail at synstoria[at] with your mail? I will try to look into the database directly. 

Hello, no the demo is SFW (they need to know each other before doing some things :v ). Greyed out means it's deactivated, but you are not the only one, having problem understand it, I will change that in the UI overhaul I plan for the final game! 

As for the mailing list, does this link works? 

Thank you for playing our demo <3

Ahah, a name very on point once again! We might actually released an update demo in a couple of month when we have the new sprites! With a couple of more scenes!

Yes, we are working on it as we speak! We are doing good progress on the game, the release date is expected around May 2024! Thank you for your support <3

Kiara, what a lovely name! Unfortunately, I don't think a sequel will ever happen because all the creative team is busy with other projects, but I am very happy if you liked it!

Hi, thank you so much for your nice comment, I am so happy you liked Lucius and Abi! It's true some CG would have been great but the game was made in a very short time frame and the artist is super busy with other projects now, so we don't really have the possibility to add some :v 

Thanks for your support! Simultaneously to the English version! So April/May 2024 if things goes reasonably smoothly!