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Thank you I am glad you enjoyed it <3 If you like sassy MC you can also try our other small game Autumn Spirit, feels guarantee :p 

I am so happy you loved it <3 It's a very personal story for me and the writer so I am always touched people were sensitive to it.

Thank you for your kind comment, I am glad you had a nice time <3

I am very happy you liked it <3 All the team did indeed a very good job!!! 

Oh I am super happy to hear that! Totally different story but don't hesitate to look at our other free game "Autumn Spirit", it was made with love too <3

We don't know exactly yet, it should be early april, I will share more details as soon I have them <3

The final date is not set yet, but it should lunch early april! 

Also, any support is welcome but only do it if you can, I don't want anyone to have money problem because they supported us >.< There will still be plenty of way to win a free copy or to support the KS <3

Thank you so much! This kind of message really make my day! 

<3 <3 <3

Thank youuuuu <3 I am glad you had a nice time! 

Hi, it's a bit more complicated to allow Android, I don't know if I will be able to do it for this game. If you want you can try  our other game Autumn Spirit who does have an android version because it's a cute melancholic romance without management element! <3

Oh I am happy you liked it so far! 

XDDD It's actually one of the most picked option, but it's close with the influence one, some people try to hide the darkness in their heart at the begining of the game :p

THANK YOU! I am super happy to read such lovely comment on our work <3 <3 <3 

I just send a reply back eheh Sorry for the wait, i was quite busy this week ^^ 

Thank you for sharing all of this with us, it's truly appreciated! And I am so happy to learn I made even a small difference for one of my fellow dev <3


Hello, I am sorry to hear you can't play the game but our game engine, Renpy, doesn't support 32 bit anymore (since a year or so I believe?) so I can't provide the build you need...

Mail sent, thanks for your interest <3

Hey, thank you for your interest! We should release a french translation soon, we also have an italian translation on the pipe! Which language would you need? We can still look for something in particular (even if translation are long and we can't really pay someone for one so it's only based on volunteer work so no promises! ) 

Thank you so much for this nice comment, it's always nice to hear people appreciate our work <3

At the same time, otherwise it would be the french first since it's my native language so I wrote the original script in french <3

Aww, thank you! I am glad you enjoyed the game! 

The place I talk the most is discord if you want more day to day news I had a rough time IRL so I didn't post much on social media, but things are still in progress and alive!

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Oh, I am really happy to hear you spend a good time on our game despite the genre! <3

XDDDDD That's a very good question. This page is so out of date, it even has Theo old portrait. 

Just your dedication is really appreciated, thank you so much <3

Thanks <3

Eheh, small world! I am glad you enjoyed this little game we made in one month <3

Sure no problem! As long a credit is made, it's fine^^ The writer and I would even love to read it! Don't hesitate to send a link there once you are done <3

Hello, don't be sorry to ask. Usually we are quite open to derivative work, especially for a story like this who is intented to be cathartic, but we just need more precision about what you want to do exactly ^^ Like you want to use the story but rewrite it your way or make some alternative content with the characters/universe? A translation? Where will it be published? This kind of things. Feel free to answer here, or to join our discord to have a more lively conversation^^ 


Ahah, I totally get it, I speak to myself facing hard choices so I know exactly how it feels like XD! I am glad you enjoyed the demo, maybe the Master of Murmurs will be part of the romance someday ~

Lovely day 


XDDD I played this game thousand time and I never run into it, wtf XD

Thanks for mentioning it 

Ahah, glad to know it! We are working hard to make it real <3

Happy to hear that! I hope you will enjoy them too <3

I am really glad you enjoyed the game! 

Happy Halloween to you too! 

Just for this, it was worth to make this game. There is a lot of me in Clarisse, of my anxiety, of my frustration and hopes. Knowing it resonates with someone else and give them courage, really mean more than I can ever describe. 

Take all your time you need. The world is fucking terrifying it's normal to be afraid and to test the water slowly. Treat yourself with kindness and I hope everything will be okay for you <3

Take care, 


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Bonjour Nootellix! Je suis contente que le jeu t'ai plu malgré tes réserves et je suis tout à fait ouverte à la discussion, après tout une maladresse est toujours possible et je suis toujours prête à me remettre en question sur le sujet, mais je pense que j'ai besoin de plus de détails pour prendre la décision de modifier le script à ce sujet. 

- Personnellement, j'aime beaucoup les accents, qu'ils soient anglais, italien, russe, maghrébin ou autre. Je manque sûrement de bagage pour comprendre où est le mal ? En fait, j'ai souvent vu les accents moqués, donc j'ai toujours pensé que c'était plus la médisance le problème ?

- Asha n'est pas le seule POC du jeu, notre cast est vraiment divers Léon et le Maitre des Murmures par exemple n'ont pas d'accents particuliers bien qu'ils soient POC (IE: Les POC de manière général ne sont pas fétichiser à travers leurs accents dans le jeu.)

- La MC reconnaît beaucoup de qualités à Asha, même si elle aime son accent car elle vient d'un pays étranger et qu'elle n'a pas l'habitude de l'entendre, elle admire surtout son esprit acéré, sa curiosité qui la rend très savante, son talent pour les chiffres et pour les langues (car les remarques sur son accent sont surtout là pour souligner le fait que Asha parle très bien la langue Calydienne bien que ça ne soit pas sa langue maternelle.) Globalement, je ne pense vraiment pas que le personnage d'Asha soit réduit à son accent ou à son physique.

- Les remarques disparaissent au fur et à mesure du jeu quand la MC s'y est suffisamment habituée pour ne plus le remarquer. EDIT : J'ai vérifié, et il me semblait bien que passait leur première rencontre, elle n'y faisais plus du tout allusion. Il y a deux remarques sur son accent dans la démo, donc ce n'est clairement pas "à chaque fois" qu'elles se parlent. 

Donc voilà, je vais renseigner de mon côté sur la question, c'est la première fois qu'elle est soulevée, mais n'hésites pas à m'aiguiller davantage ! 

I am happy you had a good time! And yes we wanted nice endings <3 Unfortunately since it's a free game it's not full voice acted but yeah our two voice actor did an amazing job to bring those characters to life ! 

Thank you for your kind words, I am glad you could relate to them <3

Thank you for at least thinking of it <3 I hope it will work someday! But don't stress yourself if it doesn't!