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A very good version of minesweeper. Add some story like "Oh no! You haven't mowed the lawn in 2 months and now the local homeowner's association is getting on you about your lawn. You need to mow it, but you know you might destroy your mower on all the hard objects with your unexercised arms!"

Apart from that there's a small bug(?) that keeps killing my damageless runs where if you run over an obstacle 1 level above you with dash, it doesn't register, carries you onto the obstacle and damages you anyway. I hate it for the particular reason that I keep trying damageless runs but take damage because of this.

Hmmm, are there any consistent ways to reproduce the issue, or is it seemingly just a randomly-occurring thing?


Halfway randomly occuring, it seems to happen half of the time when I attempt to run over 1 unknown tile and release right before moving on the said tile. I usually try to have at least 1 known tile in between me and the tile I want to run over because otherwise, I find I'll usually run 2 unknown tiles even after I had released the first.
In other words, I'm basically complaining about a responsiveness issue.

Ahh, thanks for the extra info!