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The 22 Savage

A member registered Feb 12, 2021

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 Too bad there's no cookies on this page.

1 years rent, average across the area of new york.

How many heccing levels are there?!

How do you beat up groudon dangit

It teleports on top of me and I die

The field doesn't exist.

Every time I download this game and try to play it, it freezes upon looking at Ede (dog's) face. Not the game, but the screen, I still have it open, I can interact with buttons and whatnot, but I am stuck on Ede's face with a cock in front of it.

My record for eating dirt is 25.4 seconds

I have nothing to say that hasn't been said already by lotophagia, so I'm going to copy paste their one here: Hey this is a really creative little puzzle, I look forward to seeing if you do more with the concept in the future!

Suggestion: Add an undo for minor mistakes

Halfway randomly occuring, it seems to happen half of the time when I attempt to run over 1 unknown tile and release right before moving on the said tile. I usually try to have at least 1 known tile in between me and the tile I want to run over because otherwise, I find I'll usually run 2 unknown tiles even after I had released the first.
In other words, I'm basically complaining about a responsiveness issue.

A very good version of minesweeper. Add some story like "Oh no! You haven't mowed the lawn in 2 months and now the local homeowner's association is getting on you about your lawn. You need to mow it, but you know you might destroy your mower on all the hard objects with your unexercised arms!"

Apart from that there's a small bug(?) that keeps killing my damageless runs where if you run over an obstacle 1 level above you with dash, it doesn't register, carries you onto the obstacle and damages you anyway. I hate it for the particular reason that I keep trying damageless runs but take damage because of this.

The water bottle should turn into flying spaghetti monster 5 seconds after hitting it with the cartridge and turn red after a second time.

The game starts without warning, there is no real guidance. Feels like actually working a real labor job despite the fact that this could very easily be automated. Thank you for this, I hate it so much.

I didn't know I needed something like this...

Flying spaghetti monster gives you a hug when you score

8 minutes 40 seconds... good idle game

Add flying spaghetti monster, hold hands with flying spaghetti monster.

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My god, it's the ghost in the machine. I cannot believe this.

Real talk though, I love this series and hope that you are able and willing to keep making it at least up until ghosts become real (like that will happen).


This should be a mobile app. Android, iOS, etc. It would be a good way to kill time and practice at the same time.

This storyline, about a ghosthunter who doesn't believe in ghosts and wants to find evidence of them anyway. The glorified home inspector, I love this. It deserves it's own show and all.

Yes, but if I remember right my fight was bugged and he dodged everything but robot toy, and I had more armor than he could damage solo at the time. Probably not a good strat in endless unless you somehow have triple the armor I had at the time.

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Persistent bug where the "any items left outside..." textbox stays up. Anyway, I'm going to win with this build where I got unlucky and didn't get the bomb relic, wish me luck because I won't give up until it works.

Update: I figured out that the bug occurs when your first action is reorganizing. I'm getting good RNG on the reorganizing items rn so thanks for wishing me good luck.

Final update to this: I won, and got through the endless first boss, and then immediantly died because of the tooth necklace, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I beat it by doing nothing because my build included robot toy and too much armor for any of his attacks to break through.

Loaded the lastest version in web, free, and deluxe and found the same problem of the hall of fame only loading the first 16 paintings

I discovered a bug where if you encounter a painting and then someone edits it you can encounter it again, go back, and change it. 

Downvoted for not saying, "Yes, absolutely, especially your artwork in particular"

Why sdfe? You have fried the wires in my brain.

I tried pressing jumpscare and thought it would do it at the end rather than interrupting a different one. But the 1/2 time thing, that was just unfair.

I played through the whole game with a significant difficulty spike on the mountain, which spawned all the trees in one place.

I had almost no difficulty with stage 3 on every level as I didn't use boats and immediately restored the weather system.

I would like a way to easily reset progress so that I can watch the ecosystems reset all over again.

Great game, good mental exercise and relaxing concept & design except for mountain, add a buffer or smth.