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No sound of music, too bad. It is a pretty good concept. It could be me, but i can't predict where my planets are going so a score of 2 or 3 is the max for me :( With some polishing in playability and graphics it could be a nice game. Are you developing this any further?

This is my second jam and i have not intended to develop it further after initial submit. Though i like the idea too and could add a lot more aye candy and music e.t.c. and make it more enjoyable - maybe i will do it?! Though one thing i knew from the start that this game basically only can be played with mouse and i think not so many people use mouses nowadays (laptop, mobile e.t.c.) and if i would spend more time for game and release release it i would want it to be played on more systems. Initially tried with keyboard arrow keys and standard mobile on screen movement keys, but gameplay was not working that way. So who knows, maybe il do something more to this game!?


Have you tried following mouse/use mouse position on the player without having to click? Maybe that can bring some extra playability.