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Neat little game! I love the random puzzles and different functions each robot performs! I think some light background music would really help as it feels a lot of the game is silent when the robots weren't using their abilities. Also, just a gripe when it comes to recording, the game doesn't seem to like being recorded (with obs at least) for some reason when in full screen, and my first recording just turned into the menu screen frozen with all the game sounds still playing. Even just a whole screen capture was just a black screen. Finally found a way to record it but only in windowed mode which is in a fixed resolution that doesn't look as good as it did in full screen but at least still worked. Would like to see that either fixed in the full game, or at least an option to change the resolution to make it at least 1280x720 if not higher. Hope to play the full game once it's out and hope you enjoy the video! 


Oh man, super sorry about your video not getting recorded in full screen mode. I'll try to repro the problem with OBS, to get the engine devs to help out. I'll introduce a resolution setting, at least that seems like a straightforward business.

Huge thanks for making the video even though you had a terrible experience the first time around. Special thanks for sending feedback to the level generator! It's so fun to watch these playthroughs, because I also see the levels for the first time. Cheers & wish you the best with the situation thingy! 🤞