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Would it be possible for the 'beg' option  on the balance stance to not be learned by default? Sometimes i accidentally select it because it's on the main stance.

The 'surrender' option on the kneeling stance is ok.

BTW if you use the deep enchanting stance, and you have no magic that uses it, you then go on a Soft Lock in which you can't do anything but wait to die (and if the enemy doesn't want to kill you, you can't continue the game and need to create a new character, if you are playing on ironman which i always am).

That's odd, Beg was supposed to be learnable and not innate, but it's set as innate. Surrender is supposed to be the one you know automatically. Deep Casting should only be accessible if you have skills in it, and that's fixed in the next version already.

oh nice 😁👍🏻