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Hey Iddmeister,

This is a pretty cool game with a great potential!!!

Stuff I liked:
- I LOVE how you zoom in when approaching a planet
- It has great playability

Stuff I didn't like:
- Please add the mini map button in the description (M), i was lost for a while and wanted to stop playing. I am glad i found it ;)
- The music

Stuff i am thinking about to get better gameplay:
- Personally i am not a fan of the space bar. With up arrow support you can control the ship with one hand :)
- Maybe some background so when you are flying in the void you can see where you are going
- I NEED MORE LEVELS ;))) Again, i liked it or ...
- a replay level button

Thanks for the cool game! Happy devving!!!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll put the map button in the description right now