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Leaderboard is very cool, this would be great as a mobile game

It doesn't detect my controller. My controller's got different modes (Xinput and Dinput) and neither of them are detected

It's an Easy SMX Wireless Controller and I'm on Linux Ubuntu 18

I'm using a usb wireless controller and it works great apart from the fact that there is no way to shoot. The joystick and A button both work perfectly but X does nothing and neither do any other buttons. Great game tho

Gamepad didn't work either I'm afraid

No, should I try it with one?

F doesn't work either, I'm launching from the itch app but I've also tried launching from just the exe (in local files) and it still doesn't work

I'm on windows, the latest version. The buttons highlight when I hover over them but clicking on them doesn't do anything

None of the menu buttons work for me. The game launches but I'm stuck on the main menu unable to click anything. W and S and Arrow keys won't work either. Any ideas?

Thanks for giving it a go. Hope yours goes well!

Thanks for the feedback! You're right, I think this would work well on mobile aswell


Totally intended ;)

Thanks for playing!

Very, Very Nice. Love the animation for the man when he doesn't have his coffee

Cool, could do with some audio but otherwise good

Really cool! Love the way momentum is conserved by jumping. Boost things need larger hitboxes though

Very cool concept and some really good puzzles!

Thanks for the suggestions!

Have you got any plans to add an in-game overlay, like Steam's?

This is awesome, Thanks!


Yeah, bug. I can't fix it until the jam ends

No I wasn't aware, Thanks for telling me!

Thanks! Really glad you liked it

Thanks! There is some bug that stops movement and breaks the game after a while, no idea what is causing it.

Cool Game. I really like the animations and the way time stops when you change abilities.

Cool Idea


This game is incredible. Multiplayer works great and is really fun, one problem I had was not being able to switch back to my normal drone/mech that you start with after changing into a different mech (This is on the beta by the way) Not sure if there is an option to do so or not so sorry if I just missed it. Otherwise great :)

Loved the music and the little stories on each planet. Great submission!

Thanks for playing! I'm off to play yours right now

That's exactly what I was going for

Wow, that's weird. Were you playing in browser or had you download a zip. If you downloaded a zip which one did you download?

Thanks for playing my game! I'll look into the freezing

Cool game. Music is okay and the fast gameplay is fun. Controls are great but some of the obstcales' hit boxes are bigger than the sprite which caused some problems. Otherwise great work!

Nice concept and I love the art but permadeath is a bit harsh

It's pretty fun and good for only 8 hours but it gets boring after a while

I Love It. Great gameplay, lovely sound effects and quick respawns. Great game. I love how you have different enemies for each planet instead of just the same ones over and over again