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It's not often I play this genre of game, but it caught my eye after appearing in my randomizer suggestions.

I loved this game through and through. The effort put into this game shows. The role changes are annoying but with the overall vibe of the game, it just feels like the developer is trolling you with a small joke before things get back in order, making things feel generally lighthearted and enjoyable.

I have not paid for the game yet, but absolutely will be doing so the moment I get the chance. Thanks for a fun two hours, I'll be back at it again tomorrow most likely.

Thanks for your kind words! I'm glad to hear you found the game interesting even though it's not your normal fare.

Since the game is primarily about finding balances, events primarily exist to throw those balances off and hopefully give players opportunities to discover value in redundant resources/infrastructure and how to recover from setbacks.

There are options to disable all events, and it's possible to have the game load modified data files with those events removed, so there are options for people who'd rather play without them. I feel like they're a part of the game's tone and a way through which it expresses the things I was trying to communicate, so it's nice to hear that they are appreciated as the friction points they're intended to be.