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Great puzzle game! Kept me occupied a good while trying to finish the 16x16 grid.

It's not often I play this genre of game, but it caught my eye after appearing in my randomizer suggestions.

I loved this game through and through. The effort put into this game shows. The role changes are annoying but with the overall vibe of the game, it just feels like the developer is trolling you with a small joke before things get back in order, making things feel generally lighthearted and enjoyable.

I have not paid for the game yet, but absolutely will be doing so the moment I get the chance. Thanks for a fun two hours, I'll be back at it again tomorrow most likely.

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Really enjoyed playing this, enjoy the cutesy atmosphere.

Hi there, sorry if I caused any trouble, I made a thread about this and then realized afterwards this would be the place to post the issue I ran into.

I was using a 4:3 monitor for a while, and recently swapped to using a 16:9 one. When I first started playing the game, it was when I had the 4:3 monitor, but now that I have the 16:9 one, the game still appears to open in a 4:3 aspect ratio.

While that wouldn't usually be an issue, the buttons were a little mucked up for me as a result. The only button I was able to click was the play button on the start menu, and other icons (most importantly the settings icon) weren't interactive at all.

I'm playing on the Linux release through the Itch launcher if that at all helps. I didn't make it too far into the game, so I'll be fine reinstalling it, but was wondering if this was a bug in the game, or if there's a key combination I could have used to fix the issue.

Enjoyed trying this game. Fairly impressive for your age, looking forward to seeing if there's an update.

I like how the motion blur kicked in as if the character was tired on the night levels.