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Another just tutorial the puzzle game! amazing awesome!!!

I believe this is not going to be proprietarable, patentable thing.

The teleport to thrown object has been exist somewhere. e.g. a game called Shantae somewhere. it is 2D. one of the character has similar ability.

But yeah. intresting!

So short! but yeah. it fits.

Note for International user whose don't use AZERTY:

  • Make sure to change key config at the player nag screen! assign to fit QWERTY
  • W is Up
  • A is left
  • S is down
  • D is right
  • the ingame alternate keypress as on the tutorial board didn't work. you must set up as above manually.
  • Why didn't QWERTY layout is default then? remember, the international players plays it. We have been confused why this key doesn't work and appears to be assigned to wrong keys!

Hey, thanks for playing our game :) Sorry about the keyboard layout, hope you could enjoy the game anyway !

no problem. Next time consider internationally.

Also, you have made your own Tap 

Sorry for pun intended. Sorry for not mentioning Brand Name.

Because it is a Just Tutorial Puzzle game like it was on trend in 2005 2007 ish.