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Wonderfull work ! I use it to learn godot and it feel so pleasing to get some real animation while working. I'm curious, since almost all attack are made to be use when the character isn't moving, to you plan to add some moving attack ? Thanks a lot.

This assetpack is finished as it is, but I got a half finished add-on lying around which I intend to finish one day.

I currently can't work on any assetpacks because my work contract keeps me currently a whole lot more busier than expected.

Thanks for the reply ! I completely understand that you got more important stuff to work on.

Hey Levrault,

I just uploaded a new massive add-on for this character pack, which includes crouching attacks and a jumpkick (as a moving attack)

I still have some notes regarding attacks open, but the add-on actually covers a whole lot of requested animations and might be useful to you.

Check it out here:

Master! I need sprites (Children's character or Fox) 16x24 format to use in NesMaker  Sprites, ready in 03 colors (R, G, B) + black (transparent), jump, run, walk, climb, climb ropes, die.
Do you have for sale?