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About twice a year I make a sale.

Planning yes, but don't know when I will have time for making more assetpacks, as my schedule is very busy for the next months.

Hey Bear Novels,

I will just answer here on both comments.

At the moment I am quit ebusy with my daywork, however this one would be the next pack which would receive a resize.

As my schedule is up to the end of the year already completely jammed, until then I won't find time for completing work on this resize. And I can't say at this point in time how things will look next year, as I will have to pick up a new main project as my dayjob and I will know the schedule once I found something fitting.

Thanks a lot. SUre, just reach out if you need anything, and have a lot of fun with the icons :)
Also don't hesitate to share your project with me, if you want. I always love to see what gets made.

Depends how well the 32x32 basicset will sell in the next month(s) as it's super time intensive to make higher res versions.

If you need specific icons and in a short amount of time, however don't hesitate to contact me via E-Mail ( and maybe we can agree on a handful, as just upscaling a bunch is way easier than upscaling all and would make a good commission.

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No, the assetpack ou asked for is a specialized set and would need to get size adjusted on its own.

This is a basicset which contains a lot of basic icons and a ton of recolors. It contains some food and farming equipment though.

I don' tknow hwne or if I will adjust the food&cooking set, however If you need specific icons and in a short amount of time, don't hesitate to contact me via E-Mail ( and maybe we can agree on a handful, as just upscaling a bunch you need is way easier than upscaling all and would make a good commission.

Yeah I considered it, but ultimatively think those environments would nee dto be tied together to tilesets as well. People use them also for JRPGs, dugeon crawlers and various othe rthings, so it's not 100% clear what will be built from it.

For now I got a bunch of requests for icons and GUI stuff, which is way more clear in terms of the idea and will be done next.

great, hope you'll like it :)

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I got a lot of plans. The 3 latest 24x24 sets (steampunk, accessoires, and wizard class equipment) are not yet available as 16x16 sets and I collected plenty of ideas for more content. It just will take time to get all done.

This was meant to go public a week ago. Didn't see that i never set it to visible...

Hey BearNovels,
It has been a couple of months, but the final version of this is finally available in 16x16px. Also in 32x32px too (if that's something you are interested in).

Hey Dungeonmind, has been a couple of months, but the final version of this is finally available. Also in 32x32px too.

Sure it's priced correctly :) Love you guys.

Keep them commissions coming and get this and other packs and the store also will expand :)

I added the 16x16 00 sets - also renamed the files (accidentally forgot to rename them all to 16x16). Just download the latest version and you have access to the 16x16 spaced basic sheets.

Thanks, glad you like it.

Full sets might take a while to make them 32x32, and I'd start of course on the ones which already sold the most. The wizard set is rather new and therefore would be adjusted way later.

But if there are specific icons of a set you'd need in a size which does not exist, don't hesitate to contact me and we can find a solution. As it's also easier for me to adjust just a bunch of needed icons, then a complete set, with shadows, outlines and all the versions - it just takes time and I am doing this in my sparetime only :)

Hey Rachel,
Yup some of those icons you should recognize :).
Most likely the new packs will get at some point adjusted for 16x16, although I can't exactly say when, as there is a bit of other work in the store I'd like to finish before focusing on those resizes.

oops - thanks for pointing it out, it happens with copy&paste sometimes :)

Keeping up the same style :)

Thanks :)

Sure, thanks for buying the monsters. I had a sale up fo rthis as I released the new art, maybe you didn't see it back then.
here you go:

I am currently under heavy crunch due to work and therefore there has not been much time to take care of anything shop related recently.

Yes, they work together with the iconset :) I like it when games have that kind of continuity and want to give devs the change to have it if they want :)

Actually I just recently created this set and the villager set as add-ons for the 50 monsters set.

Since those monsters/characters  are designed more for a frontal battlesystem which usually doesn't feature player sprites, I could imagine that at some point in the future a good enhancement for this series would be sideview frames for the sprites to build something like a Final Fantasy II / IV / Octopath battlesystem.

Recently I have been significantly enhancing the GUI series. Generally I am taking requests into account, but since the assetstore is a sparetime project next to fulltime work.

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I am using a couple public domain pixel art fonts, which I also modified myself a bit (fixed some letters, added some special signs etc) :)
The fonts are not included in the pack though, they are merely for demonstration purposes. Any font works with the pack.

Bitfontmaker2's site is great for finding Pixel Art Fonts.

The basic one I used for the mockups is named Questgiver:

Thanks Galdred. Glad it was useful to you.

Thanks :)

Thanks, cool that you like them =)

No problem.
I hope it will work for you, bc. it should :)

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Hey Pira, Yes that's no problem. Nearly the whole set is usable for 320x180 screen resolutions. If you use 480x270 and 16x16grid, it's no problem at all.

if you check out screenshot 4 (the one with the blue background and 2 lists) that was made for a 320x180 resolution with 16x16 icons.

Since all interactive elements are delivered in 3 sizes and all menu bgs as 16x16 tile elements it should work out well for this, except maybe the decorated border in screenshot 3 might get a bit tight on a smaller resolution.

I also added resolutions this was intented for in the description. Sorry that there was no clearer information available.

Octopath which was the last big JRPG with a similar battlesystem as those sprites are intented for did not have animated enemy battler sprites, so I don't think it is necessary for this assetpack.

I don't know. This also just released, so for sure not in the next time for this one.

Thanks :)

Hello wjamesfl,

Yeah that's a good idea actually. I uploaded a testsample - standard straightforward standing pose in original size with noise (screenshot 5)
So with this you should be able to test the size.

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Thanks. Yes I also love it when games solve their books and stuff in a more immersive way.

Newspaper... I honestly did totally not think of it. Great idea for sure, and something which would totally fit.

It goes straight to the idea list for this set.

Finally the Fantasy Classes assetpack got completed and is available:

Just saw that you also were asking for swimming animations. I added 2 at the beginning of the month - a normal swim animation and a paddling idle - can be used on the surface and underwater.

Thanks for your comment. Keep up arts - as long as it's fun and you're doing it a lot you'll get better at it.

Thanks, glad you like it =)

Hello M3tztl1,
As promised, I just added swimming animations to this assetpack. You can download v1.2 to access them.

I went just with 2 animations for now, please let me know if they work for your needs or if you need anything else. Theorethically it should be possible to use the same loop for swimming up and down - many games do it like that (I referenced Donkey Kong Country 2's system for the ones I added). You can leave me a comment here or also send me gifs / videos via the first e-mail in the readme file.
Have a great Sunday!