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It is animated in 3 directions because there are 3 uniquely made animations.

For left / right a simple mirorring does the trick and that's how most topdown games handle it.

If I'd say 4 directions this would mean that the sword would need to be uniquely animated for the 4th direction, which is not the case for this template. The sword will flip the hand - again that's how it is handled in most games.

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Hello Strijdparel,

I uploaded examples for all icons in the screenshots. You can see the styles and the options and I assume you know the sizes you want to go for. Usually there are 5 icons as sharp visual example provided in every 100piece 24x24 assetpack.

This Iconset is as the title clearly states 24x24px per icon. Changing the resolution would be a fair amount of work, as resolution change is something which raster graphics generally aren't good for and a quick resize would compromise quality by a lot.

I also don't know if in any future updates i will provide different sizes.

However if you need icons in different sizes I got various sized icons in those 3 sets, while the first one I specifically designed for a wide use for a lot of different games:

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Honestly, I'd recommend getting both.

One alone is cool on it's own, but both together always will have synergies.

The assets in both differ, but can be used together (same style). If you want to build a complete game a single assetpack can't possibly fulfill all needs, because the sets are built with no specifics in mind and try to cover a wide range of options for various games.

The other set was meant as a sturdy backbone for building all of a GUI (hud, inventory, equipment, options screens, gui etc. etc.) for a game, so it's the base, and while you could build an inventory with it, it'd be quite rudimentary and not very detailled.

This set is specifically for building a very detailled inventory screen with all the options it needs. You also can use it also for skill screens, equipment screens and the like. It also provides a lot of buttons and other elements which can be used together with the base set in order to have a much wider option range of possibilities.

Hey SorcereesGameLab, a couple of your questions are already answered in the quick overview:

Quick Licence Overview:

-You CAN use the assets in commercial and free projects.

-You CAN edit and repurpose the assets.

-You MUSTN'T redistribute / resell the assets.

-You MUSTN'T use the assets in any printed media or physical product.

in the first pages of the licence there are also FAQ questions, hopefully answering every possible question you have quickly and clearly. If something shouldn't be covered ask away =)

Cyangmou's Licence Agreement

Giving Credit is not a necessity, but appreciated =)


There is a FAQ in the Licence.

Please read it. I wrote it to clear up all those questions.

The first point says:

1.3) FAQ:

Q: May I use and distribute screenshots/videos on social media & game stores if I buy these assets?

A: As soon as there are screenshots for a project publicly shown, the license for the assetpack is automatically tied to the project shown. This acknowledged, screenshots and videos may be shared.

(3.1A, 3.1B)

Thank you for your interest. This set is to gauge interest in different sizes. 

I have the idea floating around in my, but I am not sure when I will find time to do it.

You are right, it's not just simple upscaling required, but also a bit of manual cleanup for every icon. Making the 16x16 versions also is easier than making the 32x32 versions.

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Currently the licence allows you to use the icons in as many prototypes as you want unless you won't release them. Once you buy it you can play around with them in as many projects as you want.

But The licence also states that it gets bound to a product in case of a crowdfunding campaign or a game release, so if you intend to release a game with the assets, for another project you want to release you need to buy another licence.

This might change in future, however at the moment my goal is to build up a solid chain of products and I need development time to do so. The money I make with the assetstore gets reinvested from my side in updates and new products.

Sure, I am keeping my promises =)

I said within 2019 and my estimation wasn't off.

So I hope it contains everything you were looking for.

At the moment the common bundles ran out, but there also is the Halloween sale right now, which has a similar effect.

Thanks a lot =) Glad you like it.

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I am sorry that you think like that.

Nobody is forcing you to buy it.

Please try to find an artist to do something similar for you for your price.

No problem.
Best way if you don't use the sprite atlas is to get a free image software with a grid.
There are some options like e.g. Gimp & Paint.Net.

Depending on the program and version you choose, you'll need to google for the exact way how to do those things:

-First of all you need to set the grid to 24x24.

-Then you need to show the grid / make it visible.

-Probably the program has a "magnetic grid" which means that the selection will follow the grid more easily which is helpful.

-Then you need to draw a rectangular selection around the icon you want.

-you copy it with ctrl&c

-you put it in a new image (should usually be ctrl+shift+v)

-you save it as a "*.png" file somehwere on your harddrive where you will be able to find it.

This you should do for every icon you need and name them in the exact way you want.

Let me know if it worked out!

It'd b e great if you could tell me, what your exact problem with the license is. because modification and game usage is the intention of it.

you can contact me via thomas[dot]feichtmeir@gmx[dot]at
In the FAQ the second point:

"Q: May I enhance / change / alter graphics?

A: If you want to edit the graphics, this licence allows you to do so, although every edit or enhancement will be handled as „derivative work“ and may not be redistributed/sublicensed (3.1C, 5)"

Not yet.
I got some other packs like this in mind, however due to being currently fulltime busy with a freelance project, it will take me a fair while to get more things for the shop done.

Glad you like it.

If you wanna buy, buying early is generally better, because I am tracking how many people buy something out of a series, and I always choose to work on the series, which seems like it will have the most sales / biggest audience the next time.
 The only thing which therefore guarantees that a series gets further developed are sales.

Hey Dungeonmind,

It's 16-bit pixel art, so you will run in the same issues with resizing, than with all other rasterized images.

That being said, it really depends on how the characters you use look.
I quickly resized this screenshot to original proportions, so you can test proportions with this.

Hey Boar Games,

Thanks, I am glad that you like them.

Probably at some point those will get an update with more directions / an iso set with the same proportions which complete it to an 8 set, however in the foreseeable future, I don't think this will happen.

Hey Levrault,

I just uploaded a new massive add-on for this character pack, which includes crouching attacks and a jumpkick (as a moving attack)

I still have some notes regarding attacks open, but the add-on actually covers a whole lot of requested animations and might be useful to you.

Check it out here:

Hey Kenliu,

I jst uploaded a new assetpack, which is a massive add-on for this assetpack and contains crouched attack animations for all existing attacks.

Check it out here, you might be interested.

Hey leftnoodle,
There is a new Add-on for this Assetpack available. It contains amongst a lot of other animations 2 different animations for pushing various sized blocks around.
It might be interesting for you:

no it's not about giving a direction to the waves,

it's about the way the tranformation works.

Even if you would rotate the direction of the wave (you have squash&stretch) you will loose pixels.

Sinus works fundamentally different.

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Thanks for taking the time to raply.

Regarding 3 let me specify it.

I also added an example and the advantages of a sinus movement down below.

You achieve a wave via horizontal and vertical transformation, which leads to waves on a very high pulse frequency, but on very low pulse rather draws a visible grid on the sprite.

This doesn't really matter for HD sprites, because they easily can loose horizontal or vertical lines, but for pixelart you need a clean and simple wave solution.

Also the main direction of the wave you implemented is at 45° if both transformations are of equal strength.

You can go towards something like 20° but never towards a pure horizontal or vertical wave direction.

The specifics of the sinus is that the height (or if 90° rotated) the width of the sprites stays constant. This means the movement rather are sliding lines in one direction.

Advantages of a sinus:

-The direction of the wave is aligned at the main cardinal axis, which makes it much more powerful for small sprites and generally more useful for pixelart. WIth this movement you won't "loose" any pixels due to transformation, resulting in a quiet looking image.

-If the sinus can go towards zero you easily can fake reflections or heatwaves for backgrounds.

-Sinus patterns can be easily made as a constant loop with easily understandable math. This makes it the most powerful movement as an animator if you need a constantly looping element.

-Also if you apply both - a horizontal and vertical sinus add once to a piece of texture, you can create seamlessly looping texture pieces, if the frequency of both waves is the same and the base texture is a tile.

I am coming from a traditional animation background. I think the program could with some small adjustments be very useful to quickly iterate on bases for sprites which you later touch up in hand animation.

1.) Sliders in Wobble can't be slided back to 0 manually - just to 0.01 / -0.01 - very annoying

/ middle mouse button does this, but only found out after asking. This would need to be communicated to the user somehow.

/Also only found out about rightclicking and adding a value after asking. This would need to be communicated to the user somehow.

I would incorporate this directly in the guy and have a checkbox where you can fill in the value and little arrows to increase/decrease it by the smallest step.


2.) FPS setting

Fps are locked to steps of five.

Usually traditional animators work with 8, 12, 16, 20 or 24 frames per loop. Since the fps number can't be adjusted to those specifics it's not really useful to use JuiceFX as a tool for speeding up animation preparation

3.) Sinus

I think one of the msot powerful additions to the program would be a sinus movement (which moves each horizontal or vertical line of the sprite according to a sinus pattern).

If the sinus can be adjusted towards a different strangth at one end, ffects like mirrorings in water or heatwaves could be easily produced with JuiceFX.

That being said if this would fit o the 4,8,12,16,20,24 fps this effect would be even more useful.

4) Turnarounds.

With setting the horizontal wobble to 0.95 (wondering why it doesn't work with 1) something which looks awfully a lot like a turnaround (e.g. for a coin) is the outcome. his effect could be very useful, however there is no way to manipulate the maximal width of the sprite, so at the moment this is to wide.

Since the tech is thare and in this case it only would need to be resized in 50% in terms of width this would be a powerful new function
This shows the outcome with Wobble Horizontal to 0.95 (its twice to wide)

Thhat's all the feedback I got so far.

The program so far seems to be very useful to quickly animate a graphic just with the presets out of the box, but I think there is a lot of unused potential.

A very detailled licence contract can be found here:

The FAQ should answer all questions.

This assetpack is finished as it is, but I got a half finished add-on lying around which I intend to finish one day.

I currently can't work on any assetpacks because my work contract keeps me currently a whole lot more busier than expected.

the licence is linked online and the same for all assets and shouldn't change, except probably clarification on certain points.
Since it very well can be that specific questions get clarified in the FAQ (which can happen especially If I release something which is kinda new, e.g. with the controller button packs and/or template sets) and then I'd have to reupload all assetpacks with a new file which simply takes a ton of time whenever this case happens.

If you want to have the licence, just copy paste it and save it from the googledocs.
Thanks for your understanding.

Yes I am still expanding the iconsets, although this happens at a non-scheduled rate, since i am working on this just on side next to my job.
What I can say is, that a set with gear would be the next logical step in terms of iconset releases and I got a pretty good idea of how it should have included.
I just can' say when it will happen, but I think considering the rate with which I released new sets, within 2019 should be possible.

Style is up to taste.

If you don't like the style, feel free to buy something else.

Yeah that works, but also probably needs smaller stairs. The difficulty in terms of assetpacks is to provide a generalized middle which is most useful for most scenarios.

What I got in progress are currently 2 more Tileset packs (similar like the 3 currently existing ones) and another pack with a ton of character animations (same model as the sidescroller template, but dozens of new animations).

Since there is an enemy delivered with each pack I think the basics for building something are fulfilled (and so far I tried to make an enemy with unique behaviours for each pack), of course I understand that the more offering there is, everything gains in value. 

But I can't say when i will release those, since I am working on it exclusively in sparetime hours.

Thanks a lot for the purchase, I am glad that you are enjoying the set.

What also helps a whole lot in terms of support is rating the assetpacks via since this helps with discoverability.

same as with Castlevania, the tiles rather have to follow a 8x8 grid, than being exactly proportional.
That being said you don't have to implement the stairs, depending on what kind of game you make.

At some point I will do some crouch attacks, at least they are on my list of stuff which could be added. And I will add them either to this template or to a special Add-on pack.

Hey Leftnoodle,
I added the requested graphics to the set, since this seems like an useful addition.

If you have some time and want to help me out as well, please consider to rate the sets, since this helps discoverability on itch and hopefully leads to more possible additions down the road.

Have a great day =)

Thanks for pointing it out, this issue is now fixed with cversion 1.3 plus all animatiojn previews got exchanged.

I just added a few more things.
Thanks, I planned to produce a couple more things in the coming months.

Hey Leftnoodle,

Thanks for purchasing the bundle.

For now I added a wallslide and walljump frame for this pack to round off the moveset, since this seems like a basic animation I have overlooked and fit perfectly together with the basic-prototyping intention of the set.

The other ideas you have are more specific, but also great. Therefore I added them to my idea-list.

Like with everything related to games, there is always more which could be done. I have already ton of other additional animations on my idea-list and I will see if I probably can develop a full-sized add-on for this set down the road.

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Hey PixelArtGaming,
Thanks for buying it and supporting the creation of those packs.

I just added 2 new frames, including a wall-slide and a wall-jump.

A side-scroller/platformer set is now available.

Atm I am really busy on other things.
However I added your requests to my idea-sheet, and probably if I have time, will consider in future to add them to this or another pack.

not on, but you may contact me on my Twitter via @Cyangmou or via my E-Mail (thomas[dot]feichtmeir[at]gmx[dot]at)