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There are some icons which are similar/the same to other packs, as this is meant to be used in conjunction with other packs but also is a full product of it's own.
The big majority of the assets provided are uniques, but some simple rings and some materials are duplicates, as some accessoires set were built from earlier existing icons, enhancing other sets in meaningful ways.

I can confirm that I will make another which includes 8-10 more swords.

With the price well... the icons themselves are already at a bundled price and the problem rather comes up in a scenario if you are looking for unique solutions for everything. As the sets are designed to be useful as products for a wider variety of games, sometimes there just won't be enough variety. Generally as assetpacks are general usage cases, it's hard to find any pack you are using more than 50% of the contents.I already talked about that with some icon types I will go into more "specific" sets, similar to the wizard set, so that means some upcoming new sets might be a better fit for your specific needs.

So for armors it also seems like a more specific set would help a great deal. The problem in the design here was that next to helmet, breastplate, gloves and boots, sometimes capes and belts are necessary to. I am not even talking about that some people would need them front facing, and some people wish for more male/female variation in the designs too, which are other problem areas.
I expected that for now people would cut together the first armor set according to their needs or fill up armors with basicset items. Some people loved the samurai and ninja sets because that's a basic rpg class, of course for an epic scale rpg with those as very specific classes you would need a progression for each armor.

 But I see now that for your specific usage case the main problem seems to be that there just is not enough variety offered right now, especially not to meaningfully seperate light armors from heavy armors. I noted that down - the problem again is that there are different types of armor designs for various games which contain different pieces. I will think about what I can improve there for future sets.

Regarding specific epic or enemy set armors (dragon armor, goblin armor, elf armor ...) those are not offered at all and are more specific, so that's something I also have on the idea-list, but before tha t I have take care of some more basic issues.

Thanks for your thoughts, I will consider them during the design of new sets

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Expansions will be coming in the future. Yes your list touches a lot of the things in my notes. It's good to see it though, so I know what you'd like specifically so I can add up the priority on this.

While I am just concepting the exact composition and designs of the new specific sets, I think it's fair to say that hammers and scythes might be some of the next thing we might see some deeper expansion for. Spears might follow.

Guns actually saw a lot of expansion in the survival horror, steampunk and weapons set, each providing 5 guns. There are single ones in the adventure set and survival set and basic set as well. So in total like 17 unique guns. Is there something specific you are missing?

The armor & clothing topic pops up constantly, so I think the first armor/equipment set simply was not enough? Is there anything which you don't like about this set? would like to see improved for another similar set? Are there some pieces of gear you miss specifically?

Thanks for the feedback.

A lot of them I had semi-completed, I have been working on them since we talked last. It's just that now they got ready for the release and I lined them up.

The license changed now the only determining factor is if the game is "successful" as described in the license. If your game hits any of the tresholds, then for the next game you need another license. At this point even a game which exactly just slightly goes over the treshold should have mathematically earned enough to pay for the licence, making a lot of the earlier communication unnecessary. If there is any special case, my support is always there. However it akes sure that people who want to use the assets for prototypes or are new to dev have it easier and a lot of the risk which before was there, is gone now. The goal of the changes were: to be more forgiving, clearer and more favourable and accessible.

Indeed the sale right now is a one-off exception for people who have been waiting quite a long time for the 32x32 assetpacks, so basically for you. It's literally the best time to complete your collection, because from here on out the 32x32 resize is finished and I will again focus on completing things on the idea/wishlist like before the resizing.

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Indeed the wizard set was one of the last sets which got produced before I started on the resize of all the iconsets.
Generally at there are right now 2 types of sets, the general and the specifc set.
The survival Horror, Steampunk or Survival, Alchemy & Mining set are all general sets, with many icons covering a wide variety of different needs.
The specific sets, like the Alchemy set or the Wizard set provide a lot of variety within a narrow space, and also have been the last ones produced before the resize and generally are very much liked.
As the general sets are quite bad at delivering such a huge variety on a lot of needs for different crafting or upgrading, or elemental needs a lot of games developed now have, I think that down the road this seperation between the sets will be even more pronounced. And I think I will loop back to some of the more general sets and provide better levels of specifics, especially for features I know a lot of games right now have.

I added all the ideas on my idea-list, thanks a lot.

Lol, after buying like all the other things is there still something you're missing equipment wise? :D

It's available now as 32x32 version!

It's now available as 32x32 px version!

Nice to hear, well finally it arrived :)

Thanks a lot for your support :)

Thanks Seliel!

It's finally available as a 16x16px version.

It's now available as a 32x32px version.

THis one is now available as 32x32px version.

check the main assetpack, not the add-on:

Thanks a lot :)

Nice to see you again :)
Thanks a lot for the purchase.
Please also consider to leave a review/rating, it helps with visibility.

Thanks. Glad you like it. The adaptations to different sizes took quite a while, thanks for your patience.
Glad you like it and you got it

Those are the only two which are right now not finished. But they are far in the process. I Just need to wrap them up.

So it  can only be weeks until they are released, but they will be there soonish.

Hey Rachel,
Now the set is available as a 16x16px version.

It's available now as 32x32 px version.

Aye. All Iconpacks in the store will be released as 32x32 versions in the coming weeks - just saying ;)

There is a distinction in the licence, which means that it shouldn't impact you in case you want to make prototypes, just play around with them or you are true indie.

If your game hits the criteria outlined as a "successful game" as specified in the licence you need another licence, if it however doesn't hit the criteria then it's ok to reuse them.  With 50 copies sold of a 1$ game, the criteria of a  "successful game" are not met, but please read the licence.  Every case is really clearly stated in there.

"I bought these materials, and it seems that there are too many repetitions"
These assetpacks are developed to be standalone packs and work with other packs.
Some are general packs and some are specialized packs
If the topic of an assetpack requires a specific icon which already exists it will be duplicated. Especially if there is a general pack and a specialized pack with a similar focus.
Sometimes I offer sales or bulk offers.

"For the most individual developer, can these material packages be used for the development of multiple games?That is, when developing the second game or the third game, you don't have to pay any more, just buy it once."

Please refer to the FAQ/ licence. The terms state clearly when the asset can be used for multiple games. The licence is made with indie developers in mind and considers the usage for prototyping and successful games.

"only about 20% can be used for real adaptation."

As an assetpack creator I don't know which kind of game you develop and which icons you need. And no two games have the same requirements. If you feel like a general purpose assetpack does not fully meet your needs, always consider commissioning an artist. However If there is something missing you always can send me an E-mail and ask me to add it.

"the price is a bit outrageous for independent developers,"

The 32x32 resolution sets are incredibly hard and time consuming to develop and the price reflects this. If it is too expensive, please consider the 24x24 or 16x16 sets, which are way easier and faster to produce and therefore also way cheaper. If the 32x32 assetpack seems to pricy, probably it's risky to develop a pixelart game with this resolution.

It's now also available in 32x32.

THe icons told me they cannot wait ;)

24x24 and 16x16 versions are the lower resolution, quicker to produce and therefore cheaper.

TOok quite some time, but finally done! :)

Also I cleaned up the licence and FAQ.

-It should be easier to find specific parts in the FAQ, 

-I changed the ties to a project from general to specifying a "successful" project. This should make accessibility way higher.

(3 edits)

At this point there are ~15 other sets available in the same style, so a wide variety of themes or ideas could be covered for whatever feature and idea you come up with.

This set is a basic set with a wide focus of different games in mind: farming games, economy simulations, point & clicks, adventure etc. So the goal of this set is indeed to a wide range and of course this means not everything you can think of will be covered in the entirety of all details.

However I got a couple of assetpacks, which cover way more specific features, e.g. a food&cooking set which is meant to cover cooking specifically, and it works in perfect combination with this set and if you choose both you got a lot more options.

Also In case something is missing and it's not pressing, you can send me an e-mail, then I will put it on the idea list and eventually get at some point around covering it. I will then add it to this set, release it within an upcoming set, or if it's critical and time sensitive it's possible to handle it within the framework of a commission too.

The license was written by a professional lawyer,  the FAQ is there to make things easily and quickly understood and answers most questions people have. The point of a licence like this is to sort out all eventual misunderstandings from the get go and that it protects both, the buyer and the purchaser in case of misunderstandings, if you agree to the terms. It needs to be worded like this, to be of actual value in case you get a lawsuit.
If you don't agree to the terms, you can send an E-Mail and I am open to discuss a custom licence change more suited for any project.
But of course there always is a difference between commissioning custom assets for your game and having all rights and using assets from an assetstore. However I can ensure you, that within the cases the basic licence covers, it will be safe for you, as it covers all your legal needs for a professional product.

It's in progress and should drop until the end of January.

lower resolution is quicker to make and cheaper.
High resolution high quality pixel art assets take a long time to make and are therefore more costly.

The Black Friday Sale is the biggest percentage off every year.

Hey There,

Yes I said this, but then social media took a real dump at the beginning of the year with Deviantart being absolutely toxic towards artists and Twitter changing fundamentally -  resulting in the few hours I currently have next to work, trying to get my art gallery online again on instagram.
It's a hard time for artists and the change in the media and internet landscape of course affects everything.

Scope wise this project is finished. It was planned out as a small experience and to learn for us how we can make something historically accurate and where the challenges lie.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot Reff. Also it was cool to see you in the stream.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Thanks a lot Alex :)

Thanks a lot. I hope you enjoyed the game :)