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I AM a completionist, why do you think I cared about not reaching 100% when I completed the game? I collected all space acorns precisely because I am a completionist. Collecting stuff to complete the game makes sense because it makes the player to explore every each corner of the game's universe so this feels fulfilling because it rewards exploration. But buying stuff, there is nothing special about it, it doesn't feel fulfilling nor meaningful at all, so this shouldn't be relevant in completion. This is why I really think that you should exclude the store of the game's progress in your next update. Only tools collection, species finding and space acorns collection should be taken into account in the game's progress.

Oh come on, I don't ask you to go back to the past, I merely ask you to complete what you started. You answered "I'm trying to move on" as if improving your first game was a set back but this is actually a progress as you use the experience and feedback that you acquired after making it to improve it and make it a more worthy game. Improving your previous works is a good way to check how much you progressed since you made them.