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Phew, it's been many a year since I played a memory style game like this one! It was quite a nostalgic experience, which certainly brought a smile to my face.

It's a very basic premise, but it carries itself very well. I think the type-to-talk style voice made things a lot more amusing and helped keep the rage at bay when I fluffed yet another order!

The steady increase in difficulty as the levels progressed was done very well, it would have been quite easy to make this too hard, but it's just at the right level to be able to beat with a little bit of effort and patience.

Really fun little old school game, definitely worth a look if you wanna see what it feels like to be a server in a busy burger joint!

Keep up the awesome work, would love to see something with maybe a few more graphical elements in any future releases, just to give the game a bit more pop! =)


Thank you so much for your kind words and the video. Really entertaining and sums the game quite well. Glad you liked the game and were able to finish it. Definitely looking to incorporate more graphics into my next game.